Poems by Dasharath Naik

Poems by Dasharath Naik
Do go on bleeding
Inking about humanity ;
Listening to the poor
And the destitute ;
Waging a war against injustices
All the evils and Devils
Obstructing the growth
and progress ;
Singing the song of life
Love, Peace and Harmony ;
Turning a deaf ear to
What others remark or sneer at ;
Do keep going ,friends!
An endless flow life is ;
We can’t but flow like a stream
farther and farther
Venturing through the shades
of darkness;
Let your indomitable spirits
Fly higher and higher
Growing and glowing .
Long live Poetry !
Long live Poets !
©®Dasharath Naik
(Dedicated to all the poets. )
Even in the shadow of total darkness
Clearly visible the closed cellar of light
The thunderstruck earth, the silent sky
And the azurine ocean of utter delight
Why absurdity trespasses at times and
With the feel of the scarecrow
The soil does slip from under the feet
In the shining courtyard of the mind
My dear corpse sleeps with me
Like a dead snake ; what a mystery
In helplessness of not raising the hood
The body is severely wounded
And the vibrant life seems to be invalid
The lamp burning abright loses vivacity
For the wild buffallo showcases
Vigour in the thick jungle majestically
A benignant heart is hardly found
Standing by one in their plight
As distrust replaces trust unexpectedly.
©® Dasharath Naik

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