Istvan Dabi (Hungary)

Istvan Dabi (Hungary)

Istvan Dabi, Hungarian poet, translator  born 1943 in Hungary,

He knows many languages and he translates poems, for World Anthologie of Poetry,  he wants to show that all peoples, also the smallest  have their own culture and in this way he fights againts of the racism and any kind of the discrimination. In the Hungarian Electronic Library MEK we can find his World Anthology “Kaleidoszkóp”  (10 vol., about 3000 pp, poems translatd in Hungarian from about 100 languages and dialects, and 1 volume  “Brunei, Indonesia, Malaiysia, Singapore”).  Now he prepares the next three volumes: “India, Pakistan, Nepal,  Bangladesh, Srilanka”, “Poetry of Africa from South Africa to Morocco and Egypt” and “The Arabic Poetr from Morocco to Iraq”.

In 1970-1980 he lived (with his Polish wife from Lithuania) in Poland, therefore he writes poems in Polish, too.


Poem by Istvan Dabi


I wonder
Whether the animals think
They have sentiment
Whether they know what are the friendship
the love
the hatred
Or only we guess
That our dog and cat love us
Rubbing their sides against our legs
Or they are only hungry
And know that we feed them
Does the male love the female
Or is it only the instinct
And his full testicles force him
To pour his sperms
Does the dog hate the cat attacking it
Or he fears only for his living-space
Nevertheless sometimes it seems me
My dog thinks and learns to open the door
And he does love me
But I put often the question:
Whether the animals have thoughts
And sentiments
we see
but to notice we have to learn
we hear
but to listen we have to learn
only who doesn’t want
doesn’t see what he should see
only who doesn’t want
doesn’t hear what he should hear
but he is furious
if nobody sees
or hears him
when he is crying
this can’t be taught in school
it is in our souls and brains
but lots of us
don’t know it
the snow is white and soft
and what is under it?
slippery ice, dirt and filth
lot of people hide
their ignorance
behind nice words
others look around
not wanting to differ
from the majority
a professor looking
like a vagabond talks
with a bejewelled cleaner
when the little signaling lamp was lit
I didn’t give attention to it
though it informed me
that we go in the bad direction
then the signal bell began to ring
but I didn’t care it
only when all bells
and also the alarm gongs rang
I understood that our LOVE
comes soon to end
only then I began to search for the reasons
and didn’t get
why my lover blamed me
when I became conscious of
what I did
not giving attention tot he fact
that my Lover lives in another world
and he sees a lot of things in an other way than me
either I didn’t know this
or didn’t bother about it
but also my LOVER couldn’t
or didn’t want to accept
that in my country many things differ from his
and when I tried to explain it to him
and promised to him so many times
to change in a person
who comes up to his requirements
it was too late
my LOVER offended, angry disappeared
and blocked from me all ways to him
I went to hospital for a long time
he didn’t know it
and didn’t inquire after me
but the barricades, the barriers blocking the ways suddenly disappeared
and we REBORN
run to each other, embraced, kissed
in another world than before
where existed only we both
and the years are passing
barriers are built
and they disappear
and we are reborn together
because we are two halves of one whole
and we can not live separated

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