Svanhild Løvli (Norway) 

Svanhild Løvli (Norway) 

Svanhild Løvli is an bilingual poet currently living in Gjøvik, Norway. She is an avid photographer and love to draw. She is concerned with nature conservation, family life and women’s rights.

She regularly publishes in GloMag, monthly Prose and Poetry Magazine. She contributed in “Voice of Aspirants”, Poetry Planet 2016 Edition. She is member of several poetry groups

and is admin in Global Literary Society, ( Chair for Scandinavian region)


She built her house on dreams and air
On dreams and air she built
In the beginning everything was joy and fun –
that’s what she said, wasn’t it?
The foundation was fragile
and walls were paper thin,
but life was fine for a while, just fine –
that’s what she said, wasn’t it?
The autumn rain arrived and nightmares set in,
the nights got darker than darkest.
There were still some dreams left –
that’s what she said, wasn’t it?
The building collapsed in the storm.
If she couldn’t stand
on her own two feet
She could crawl, couldn’t she?
She rebuilt her house, stone by stone.
The foundation was stronger than ever before.
She was a warrior, a queen who fought and won.
She wore her crown elegantly!
“This is what the old house told”
Black longing danced around corners
of an old house
Cold, naked, hungry …
Wind of melancholy flowed through
open windows,
and curtains…
The house sighed heavily and sad
Due to the sight of cobwebs and dust
in each room.
Little by little
memories emerged,
emerged from old furniture
Crawled across the floors, up the walls
as if the old house woke up from a slumber.
Forgotten conversations, music, laughter..
The old house was alive
even though the last resident had moved out
years ago.
Time to leave the melancholy behind
and close some doors.
This is what the old house told me.
We hold our hands together
as we hold our lives together,
both frightened to let go.
We are blinded by our own lies
and refuse to see
the truth about our relationship.
Hearts withstands mockery,
pain and malice
for long and lonely times
as long there is hope for love.
A man, a child, a dream –
we want it all to be true.
Eternity is measured in years
in our enigmatic anxiey
all turns into conquests.
We carry the fear within us
every day and night.
The faded horror of defeat,
the shadow of empty hearts.

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