The dawn … / Poems by Sarala Balachandran

Poems by Sarala Balachandran


The dawn …

She lives alone
Without any hope in life
Fond of light clothes loose wear
As she lost everything in life
At a tender age of ten
Her parents and siblings !
The beautiful dawn
Is her only companion
She gets up
After a cup of tea
She walks through the field
Where orange blossoms bloom
Every morn !
She pampers them with her lonely heart
As she walks !
She sunbathes trying to wake up
To a new world of hope n new life
She tells herself
I must get out of this melancholy
I must enjoy the new dawn, the new day!
I must enjoy the chirping birds
I must hear the symphony of nature
A new day in her life was born
With full of hope and determination
She walks and walks
Till she reached a gurgling stream
Sits and ponders
Yes, I am reborn
In this new dawn
this new day is mine!



I am a flower girl
I sell sunflowers
For my living
I pick the brightest flowers
The eye catching ones
People surround me
To buy the best
It’s all sold in an hours time
I made money
For my daily bread
Happy I am
Humming and walking home
With gratitude in my heart
I never had much competition today
Tomorrow will be the same I know
As people love the flowers
I pick n sell
I wear yellow dress every day
Which brings me luck and money
My customers love my
Innocent look as
They know I wont cheat them
As flowers are gift from God !


It’s you …

When the dawn breaks
When the sunflowers bloom
When the birds chirp
When the cuckoos sing
When I make the morn tea
When I make the lunch
When I take a nap in the afternoon
When the sun sets
When I watch the twilight glow
When the rajnigandha blooms
When darkness spreads
Singing lullabies for all
I think of you
I feel you
I hear you
It’s you my Lord!

3 thoughts on “The dawn … / Poems by Sarala Balachandran

  1. Brilliant, Mrs. Balachandran. The deep insights of life, the depth of the heart ….. touching. Thank you for sharing these treasures with us.

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