Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu

Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu



…to old ages I wish successors
desire to meet happiness in life
she, slowly bowed her head
instantly I saw
eyes illuminating a hidden happiness.
Smile, ah smile, gorgeous life story
as saying
oh, my friend, my dear noble friend
you have lighted my day, embellished me, I fell in love with your words
please, do allow me
quietly at the edge of the Old Age River
to enjoy this fabulous day
I want to be associated with the whole world’s beauty
your words to wear my soul, eager for rejoicing
these short words, resurrected all the former beauty
peace entered my spirit
gent, just a little bit of courtesy I need
thank you, the pure Bohemian Blood, my honored buddy!



… one day you will hear, read
writer fled to eternity
please stop for a moment, a single moment
remember The City Bohemian
the lover of good, simplicity
modest one in life
place the feather in writing ink
find random photos
peace be upon our friend, letters passionate.
Life goes on, poems, are written, then shared
read cursively
between the verses my shadow you will find.
Welcomed by the Poets, city Fountain
stop at the Stone Bridge
one verse, just one verse recite
the river breeze will accompany it to my last residing.
I will be rested in peace, I do not owe no one
needy i did not mistreat
the treasury of the nation did not misuse
political glass jars, newest riches
I have never been subdued.
I have found eternity thanks to Dear Friends
in the olympus of knowledge
at the zenith of age
the verses have been poured beyond unimaginable horizons
there I will be, in the most perfect place, the beyond Source.


dedicated to You, Dear Poet

… I do remember even today alive, luscious
the day, it was the end of fall
captured by the most powerful feelings
when mentioned is your name, The Poet
eyes wander in the library room
beautifully arranged, simple, tasteful with love
the books are, knowledge that drunks, radiates
the most glamorous lights of nobleness.
Many times mentioned with merits
we read together, the poems of friends
discussed about the power, the lust, letters
analyzed the Poets of Honor.
In the room alone, my words conquer
day by day
while drinking downtown morning coffee
most feather lovers I have never met
‘’are friends of my soul’’, you said to me
yes … in my being are carved
golden letters, generous verses
powering love, lust, lewdness
oh…those titans of beauty, the immortality tracks…

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