Dr. Shailesh Veer (India)

Dr. Shailesh Veer (India)

Dr. Shailesh Veer is an Indian poet. He is a bilingual, writes in English & Hindi both. He has a PhD in Archaeology. By profession he is a teacher. He has edited more than half a dozen poetry books & several magazines time to time. His poetry has been published in various literary magazines, journals, anthologies and websites. He has won many awards in poetry.

He was born in Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. He is a poetry reviewer and poetry communicator too. He has participated in many national and international seminars and fests. His poetry attracts hearts of many, while forcing brains to get calculative. His poems have been translated into Chinese and French languages. His love for human values, nature, philosophy and the spiritual world is insurmountable. All these can clearly be seen in his works of poetry.

Email: doctor_shailesh@rediffmail.com
Visit here: https://poetryshailesh.blogspot.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shailesh.veer.39 You can read here too:


I’m tubelight
You’re electricity
Without you I’m worthless
I’m reader
You’re poetry
Without you I’m speechless
I’m man
You’re nature
Without you I’m meaningless
Life is like a train
And you’re engine
Without you my journey is not possible-
I want to always shine with your current,
I want to read you wholeheartedly,
I want to merge in beautiful nature…!
© Dr. Shailesh Veer
She is sensitive
She is funny
She is stubborn
She is mad,
But she is not bad!
She is sunshine
She is moonbeam
She is rain
She is rever,
But she is not shiver!
She is chocolate
She is ice cream
She is coffee
She is tea,
After some days
She and I will become “We”!
© Dr. Shailesh Veer

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