Marie Feryna (Czechia)

Marie Feryna (Czechia)

Marie Feryna (1993) Poetess and performer. She has published in a number of Czech literary magazines. She published the poetry collection Před setřemím (2016, Dauphin), then published the book Osa (2018, published by Adolescent). She is currently finishing his poetry collection Blackscreen. Her poems have been translated into several European languages. She is represented in the yearbook Best Czech Poems 2018 (Guest). She was a member of the music-improvisation group Extreme Left, now she is a member of the improvisation trio cipraLEX. In 2017 she created a collaborative queer project A X I S.


dedicated to Kamil Bouška
the outlines of the city
are adjacent to ours
here we live
here – orphically together
just to the nearest corner –
we’re rather peripheral
prefer to be grateful
for the relationship
which was not given to us
we chat
through the old links
we meet ourselves
in dead subcultures
we’re post-fetish
and our touches
do not make sense
when I’m telling you about the streets
where I wanted to die
and – when you connect them
you will see a shape
you’re dancing
and it is hard to say
when it’s a pogo
and when it is a rave
and so I’m satisfied
with that
our games suffer from definition:
fatigue & anxiety
anxiety & black metal
from the face
of the popstar:
I want to feed
my inner beast
which wouldn’t be
a sin
the dream is the only thing
that can’t be ironized
but you can’t drown in it
for all the time –
two voices over each other
the angels are open to prayers
in a half-sleep
but only if they’re driven with an ego
or suffering
my dreams
are dreams of the others
cut your legs
and ask your mother
for your hands
suicidal subtexts
are a metaphor
and not a goal
and when I wake up
I wake up with my friend’s essay
to think like Orpheus means to die
to renounce conventions and rules
rise from the dead
and to speak in your own voice of everything
and each individual thing separately
in the morning I’ll write
something about attaching
a denial of life
kill the Death
which they formed you with
and where they raised you
destroy it
and discover yourself
to know yourself means
to destroy yourself
to destroy the construction
built for survival
which you have changed for life
tabula rasa
I read most things
as a Viarre’s poem
love is framed with time
timed is framed with anxiety
pathos is only a means
of getaway and shouting
without pure transcendental
everything is screwed
we are not here
to exist

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