DESPAIR / Poem by Umulkulsum Sarki

Poem by Umulkulsum Sarki
Awakened, on the road out of despair
the light breeze swiftly carries my gaze
to the distant trees huddled together
calling me with natures soothing grace
each isolated like myself
I walked a days’ worth journey
enveloped in a solitary solitude
sky gazing with the gentle winds
my mind tired on its leg
I bend to catch my breath held by a thread
when I look up, they’ve set course again
leaving the gleaming moon behind, mocking me
and trailing behind my back
making me chase my shadow to the dark
it seems mother nature stands on its side
while here, I cry in loss and finite frailty
oh mother nature! Angered, Pardon me
overwhelmed by my tasks
won’t you lend me a helping hand?
and lessen my chaotic trails.
Why have you birthed me in fear and yearning?
Stepping on this soul, i call out
health and wealth so far within me- I can’t reach out to them
but death appears unimaginably close
a distant presence residing within me
creeping to seize my iterative breathing.
©Umulkulsum Sarki

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