GREEN BLESSINGS / Poem by Deepti Gupta

Poem by Deepti Gupta
How wonderful! a tiny seed hides
a huge ‘world ‘ in it ;
It shoots up into a plant
Slowly it grows up in to a tree
full of supple green leaves
and buds, buds bloom into flowers, & flowers turn into
fruits, again these flowers and fruits refill the earth
with thousands of seeds,
Thus lots & lots of trees
and greenery flourish all around !!
Trees provide us home
give us many many things
useful for human life;
And the most precious thing is “oxygen “
which keeps us alive !
Trees hide the treasure of
health -they give us bounty
of life saving medicines
of aromatic herbs, plants
and flowers grant us “essential oils”
cotton plants give us clothes,
Trees generate rains and
through rains, we get water
Ponds, lakes, rivers, falls & sea
they are flowing & glowing
because of the green blessings of the Seed !!
Little tiny seed hides
wonderful wonders in it,
It’s gifts are unique & superb!
Whenever I see fruit trees,
green trees, ornamental trees,
they remind me of that tiny Seed !!
That seed again by and by
Travels up & reaches into the
flowers and fruits…..,
How magically it reaches
from roots to fruits !
And makes the earth
beautiful, colourful, and rich
in its own exuberant ways !!!
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Green BlessingsReview is a popular poem that has received excellent reviews. We are happy to inform you that it has been selected to receive the recognized status. The great majority of the writing published on never makes it off our new listing page. Only stories, poems and book chapters that stand out, and that readers enjoy, are selected for this status.
” Green Blessings” is listed in the category of listings. It is considered for our All Time Best status as it received more than twenty-five reviews.

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