Poems by Ashok Kumar

Poems by Ashok Kumar



Beautiful destination
Why should afraid I ?

Shining ,Strongest feathers
Infinite sky ,why shouldn’t I fly?

Firm soul ,fixed goal
Why shouldn’t I touch the sky ?

Golden rules ,blessings of almighty
Spirituality to live wonderful life

Calm desire ,no comparison of patience
Shouldn’t we enjoy journey of lovely life ?

Young heart hungry for peace
Dev drops of devine rain

Dancing peacock ,bright sun
The rainbow of destination and I



Thank to thee
To smell fragrance of flowers
To see the beautiful sights
To taste sweet relish things
To hear prayer of peace
To feel happiness and sorrows.



When soul look up at the sky
Feel courageous to fly
A blue illuminated roof
Best creation as a proof

Above the sun ,the moon
Vikram is as like as a boon
Great God ! Great is his creation
Essance is in prayer and meditation

Flowers of Wisdom in the thesis or antithesis
Amazed soul feel easy in sense of devices
Life is full of pun and fun
Some believe in love ,few in gun we,
Dancing soul likes only rhythm

Tonight will be a valuable night
You to the literary must go
And take an illuminated soul ,to light
Your love through the wonderful glow

Extreme youth familiar with all
Far far away from the war
Soft , sweet soul
We’ll still live with a goal.

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