When was the last time… – Monalisa Dash Dwibedy / Review of the Poem by honorable poet and critic Cijo Joseph Chennelil

Poem by Monalisa Dash Dwibedy 


When was the last time….

When was the last time
you waited and watched a flower bloom,
looked at the sunset with wonder,
woke up to the sounds of chirping birdies,
or forgot the world watching a child’s half-smile?
When was the last time
you camped under the moonlit sky gazing at the stars,
tried a new adventure sport,
or quietly sipped your favorite drink enjoying every drop of it?
When was the last time
you felt happy that you were alive,
laughed your way to tears,
hugged someone tight,
or called a long lost friend to say how you missed the time spent together?
If it’s long you missed life,
Is not it time to be alive ?

copyright ©Monalisa Dash Dwibedy


Review of the Poem by honorable poet and critic Cijo Joseph Chennelil

Your poem titled ” When Was the Last Time….” is a poem that reminds us about the postmodern human beings quest to go back to the drawing board to live the life to the fullest. Very often, we miss the essential things concerning our life such as the blossoming of a flower, the rising of the Sun, the setting of the Sun, the melodious cacophonous nature of the birds and the alluring laughter of a child. When, we miss the basic aspects of life, we fall into an abyss of tensions, worries and concerns. The more we disconnect these little aspects of life, the more we are driven into the precipice of utter disappointment, disillusionment and despondency. Oftentimes, we don’t live our life rather we only merely exist. Both living and existing are entirely different things altogether, the concept of living is all about interacting with our surroundings in an intimate manner, but existing on the other hand is a mechanical or artificial life wherein we erase our natural self altogether. It is high time that we don’t get into that blackhole of no return. Let us all live a life in tune with nature and her manifold wonders. Kudos to you for composing such a poem of magnificent nature.

Cijo Joseph Chennelil
All Copyrights Reserved@

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