Poems by Rajani Mula

Poems by Rajani Mula


(Each line has homophones)

Sole aim of souls

He’s the son of the Sun
He knows no comforts
Knight of night’s misery he’s
Had won no one in life
No hymn could save him
Bye he’s said by joys all
Weak he’s throughout week
Loaf of bread he’s bred rarely with
Woods of pain he would lie in
No Yule you’ll celebrate greets him ever
No heal to his heels which stride in shame
Tides of misery he’s tied by
Rap of poverty did wrap him badly
No route he found to roots of safety
Yet rich opt wine ignoring these whines of poor
When sole aim of souls becomes equality
We’d one day find no weed of poverty.


Loop Poetry
(Last word of each line is the first word of the next line)

I’m worried, I’m burried
burried in fear of tomorrow
Tomorrow that would be a mess
Mess of all the great wealth
Wealth of health and mirth precious
Precious these trees and their glees
Glees of birds ,animals and valleys
Valleys and alleys of liveliness of peace
Peace, goodness and love
Love that’s dying in men
Men who lost ethics and duty
Duty is respecting nature
Nature that’s our mother
Mother of life and existence
Existence without her is a myth
Myth is money and luxury
Luxury if we can’t find in nature
Nature is gonna destroy everything
Everything when ends what can I inherit
Inherit life not wealth, inherit values not sins
Sins are degrading life
Life is in loving and giving selflessly
Selflessly when I can’t live like nature
Nature mine isn’t worth adoring
Adoring qualities I ought to inherit
Inherit not what you can’t be happy with!
With weight of these thoughts I am burried
Burried in shame destroying false fame
Fame I want to be of healthy nature
Nature pristine alone I want to inherit!


Haiku sonnet
4 Haikus 5/7/5 and
A couplet with 7 syllables

Queens of hues pretty
With cheers and chats so witty
Hosted men crazy

Greeting with mild scent
Wonders wrapped in warmth best
Cuddled each with tuft

Sweetness of their breast
Knows nothing but being gift
Spreading love and mirth

Their wisdom at brim
Faces hurdles with no whim
Tiny guides of hymns

Heaven on earth they do bring
Giving us a ride on wings


Haiku Sonnet
4 Haikus 5/7/5 syllables each and
A couplet of 7 syllables


She’s gone to heaven
In sullen mood from her den
Missing her dear Ken

But to her surprise
He’s seen there in high surmise
As feast to her eyes

Dumb when he wasn’t warm
Cold his glance stole her whole charm
He’s in insane storm

Thoughts he was speaking
Louder her name he’s calling
Her love he’s missing

He’s with her but not with her…….
She’s with him but not with him….

@Rajani Mula

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