Sensual appetite / Poem by Dr. Alok Kumar Ray

Poem by Dr. Alok Kumar Ray
Sensual appetite
Before the sumptuous
Aura of femininity
We often succumb to
Overshadowing our prestige
Societal imprints
That hovers generations together
To haunt it’s sacred edifice
We least concerned with
Then the effigy of righteousness
Prefer either to burn or
Stand in a state of dismay
In seeing ethical draining of
Moral overtones
That once acclaimed
The sacred place of Eden
Our hypocritical nature
When encounters social outrage
In the court of public eye
Delivers offshoots of shame
Which we still now
Fail to fathom
Mundane pleasure
Burning sensual appetite
Is not an end in itself
Being a means to an end
If not structured judiciously
Then the apagee of human race
Is sure to face rough weather
Homosapiens let harbinger fear

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