Poems by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole

Poems by Emmanuel Douglas Mulomole



Walk in the veridicality,
Sit in the veridicality.
Jump on the veridicality,
Stand on the veridicality.

Run on the veridicality,
Creep on the veridicality.
Swim in the veridicality,
Bath in the veridicality.

The veridicality is here,
Take it or leave it.
The veridicality is there,
Keep it or unpreserve it.

The veridicality has
the hopefulness,
The veridicality has
the fruitfulness.

The veridicality changes
Every situations,
The veridicality is a master
Of tranquilisations.

The veridicality is timeless,
And ageless.
The veridicality is happiness
Ayond limitedness.

The veridicality is a winner
On quarrel battles.
The veridicality makes me free.



The truly victorious men of earth, no more
They gone without enjoying their assiduities
Today,we’re truly enjoying their love so galore
We’re seeing the fulfillment in their promises

Let’s show a salute to them now and forever
For their nice work that evinced the rare munity
We should continue praying for them, forever
Allowing their spirits to see us with humility

Let us reset their dreams beyond all measures
Helping us to unlock all the doors of rare vision
In light of helping us to see the lofty treasures
Treasures of gleaming our living in our nation

We freely walk because of fortitude from them
We freely speak because of brave voice from them
We verisimilarly saved by the gallant heart of them
Let us deeply convey the special gratitude to them.

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