Tatyana Koshkina (Russia)

Tatyana Koshkina (Russia)
Tatyana Koshkina – Russian poetess. Better known under the pseudonym Tatiana Vk. The author of two poetry collections: “Happiness is all mine in you alone” and “Watercolors of the Middle Kingdom “, the second was published in the USA. She also writes short and fantastic stories, tales for children and adults, sketches from his travels in America. She has been living for the last five years in Russia and in the USA. In his poems she sets forth his own view on the relationship between people. She began to write and publish about five years ago. Poetry came abruptly into her life, like an explosion and completely captured. Participant in festivals in Crimea, Moscow, Azerbaijan.
Poems by Tatyana Koshkina
There are people who are sent by heaven
There are people who are always there.
There are those with which only one look
exchange and understand everything.
There are those who hear with the heart.
Those who always have light in their souls.
Regardless of the distance and condition of the planets.
There are those with which it is warm and comfortable.
As with a plaid by the fireplace
and immediately all the hardships by.
There are people beloved and loving in the distance.
It doesn’t matter day or night.
This man is always ready to help.
Yes, what I tell you, you know yourself.
There are people who are sent by heaven.
Keep these.
They are like stars between worlds.
Always up!
Always shine!
Always with you!
© Copyright: Tatiana Vk, 2018
Take me from death
Take me from death
light easy
let’s go a step.
In an intolerable whirlwind
past the church
past the garden
past the blind windows
past happiness
what a stranger.
Take me away from death.
I will be with you forever.
High under the skies
Blue winged bird
with a gilded head.
Everybody sings
calls with him.
Take me away from death.
I will become a bird
I’ll be the door
beyond which is our happiness.
All you want
in your power.
All you want
except death.
Protect me, love!
In this life of the whirl.
Take me away from death.
let’s go to
step ….
November 7, 2017.
© Copyright: Tatiana Vk, 2017
Gift of the lord
My gift to you!
Said the Lord
Take it, do not be afraid.
My love –
my gift to you!
Take it, open it.
Give her, multiply.
Do not know the fear.
You cut without a knife.
So what? On the chopping block?
I carry my cross for you.
Give me your shoulder.
Otherwise your life
It will be completely worthless.
And to those who in vain trampled
your hopes.
Grant forgiveness.
They are in love – ignoramuses.
And do not blaspheme who is weak.
The soul is darkness.
Their soul is like an eternal slave
Passion of the dark.
Take the love!
She’s yours!
She is a gift!
Lord! Well, what about?
I’m alone.
I need a couple.
Your eyes are completely blind.
The Lord said.
Love rests in hearts.
March 12, 2017.
© Copyright: Tatiana Vk, 2017
Translated into English by Rahim Karim

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