Ermelinda-Melina Papa (Albania)

Ermelinda-Melina Papa (Albania)


Ermelinda-Melina Papa was born in Vlora in 1974 and lives in Agrinio. She is married and mother of two children. She has been running her Center for foreign languages, from 2004 till today, in the simple way she knows. She acquired the teaching permission for English and French by the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs. Also, she knows Italian (level Superiore) and Spanish (level C1). In 2014, she completed the intensive one-year translation program, French-Greek-French in Athens. Her love for languages and translation led her to write her book titled- My Soul’s Voice and The Flame of the Oil Lamp and Blue Dreams.



Ermelinda-Melina Papa est née à Vlora en 1974 et réside à Agrinio. Elle est mariée et mère de deux enfants. Elle dirige son Centre pour les Langues Etrangères, de 2004 jusqu’à aujourd’hui, de la manière simple, qu’elle sait. Elle a acquis la permission d’enseignement pour l’Anglais et le Français par le Ministère Grec de l’Education et des Affaires Religieuses. Elle a aussi des connaisances d’Italien (niveau supérieur) et d’Espagnol (niveau C1). En 2014, elle a complété le programme intensif de la traduction Français Grec Français en Athènes. Son amour pour les langues et la traduction l’a amenée à écrire son livre titré- La Voix de mon Ame



Ermelinda-Melina Papa fue nacida en Vlora en 1974 y reside en Agrinio. Ella esta casada y madre de dos hijos. Dirige el centro de lenguas extranjeras, desde 2004 hasta hoy,de la manera simple que ella sabe. Ha adquirido el permiso de instrucción de inglés y francés del Ministerio Griego de Educación y Asuntos Religiosos. También sabe Italiano (nivel superior) y Español (nivel C1). En 2014, completó el programa de la traducción Francés-Griego-Francés, en un año intensivo, en Atenas. Su amor por los idiomas y la traducción la llevó a escribir su libro titulado –La Voz de mi Alma, La Llama de la Lampara de Petrol y Suenos Azules.



Ermelinda-Melina Papa è nata ad Avlona nel 1974 e vive ad Agrinio.  È sposata e madre di due figli. Dirige il suo Centro di lingue straniere, dal 2004 ad oggi, nel modo semplice che conosce. Ha ottenuto il permesso di insegnare inglese e francese dal Ministero dell’Istruzione della Ricerca e degli Affari Religiosi. Parla fluentemente italiano (livello superiore) e spagnolo (livello C). Nel 2014 ha completato l’intenso programma di traduzione francese-greco-francese di un anno in Linguistica, Atene. Il suo amore per le lingue e la traduzione l’ha portata a scrivere i suoi libri, La voce dell’anima, La fiamma della lucerna e Sogni Azzurri.



Ermelinda-Melina Papa ka lindur në Vlorë në vitin 1974 dhe jeton në Agrinio. Është e martuar dhe nënë e dy fëmijëve. Drejton Shkollën e Gjuhëve të Huaja, nga viti 2004 deri sot, me mënyrën e thjeshtë që ajo di. Ka marrë licencë mësimdhënies për gjuhën angleze dhe franceze nga Ministria greke e Arsimit dhe e Cështjeve Fetare. Gjithashtu ka njohuri të gjuhës Italiane (nivelin Superiore) dhe Spanjisht (niveli Superior). Në vitin 2014 përfundoi programin intensiv njëvjecar të përkëthimit Frengjisht-Greqisht-Frëngjisht në Athinë. Dashuria e saj për gjuhët dhe përkthimin e drejtoi për të shkruar librin e saj me titull – Zëri i Shpirtit tim.



Η Ερμελίντα-Μελίνα Παπά γεννήθηκε στην Αυλώνα το 1974 και κατοικεί στο Αγρίνιο. Είναι παντρεμένη και μητέρα δυο παιδιών. Διευθύνει το Κέντρο Ξένων Γλωσσών της, από το 2004 έως σήμερα , με τον απλό τρόπο που εκείνη ξέρει. Έχει αποκτήσει άδεια διδασκαλίας Αγγλικών και Γαλλικών από το Ελληνικό Υπουργείο Παιδείας και Θρησκευμάτων. Γνωρίζει επίσης Ιταλικά (επίπεδο Superiore) και Ισπανικά ( επίπεδο Γ1). Το 2014 ολοκλήρωσε το εντατικό μονοετές πρόγραμμα μετάφρασης Γαλλικά-Ελληνικά-Γαλλικά στην Γλωσσολογία, Αθήνα. Η Αγάπη της για τις γλώσσες και την μετάφραση την οδήγησε να γράψει τα βιβλία της με τίτλο- Η Φωνή της Ψυχής, Η Φλόγα του Λύχνου και Γαλάζια Όνειρα.


Poems by Ermelinda-Melina Papa


Good Travel

And Heaven dropped to tears
When it saw the crazy flame and the cliff in front of it
And bled the Moon when it saw innocent souls
To turn into ash
And was poisoned the joy, when they are overlooking unable
And they can not exterminate the brutality
And became frozen the laughter when hugging each other,
Innocent souls, depart for the country of angels
And couldn’t speak the place, when it realized
that in the name of profit, is impossible to find the way
And were cut the birds’ feathers
Because the angels were unfairly lost
And they will not play with them anymore.
And don’t sing, for days the nightingales
Desperately are looking for loud laments.
And I so tiny, little, insignificant
Laments am not telling you, but by writing for you
Both silently and loudly I cry…..



I still keep painted in my soul, Mother,
your sad eyes, pointing the way, waiting for us,
with longing and pain.
And nor do I want to believe,
that these heartless five months of your absence,
managed to shut them down,
because I know that you are not full of us,
because I know your children’s and grandchildren’s joys,
still regulate your pulse.
And, what if it rains for days now?
The silly downpour will fail to beat you,
because You, Sun born, Immortal Mom,
always with the clean,
lightweight, soul where never managed to enter,
nor a trace of sin,
will expect on the Surface with Open Arms!


The First Date

It was a cold
February night.
One of these nights when it’s freezing cold.
But, in your touch, I ignored
this freezing and I got hot from your breath.
So, beautifully, the same night I wore you and you became
my Existence’s roommate forever.
Blessed, because it was given to me this favor.
I asked my soul to live it, as if breathing the Daily Spring!

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