“MOON RIVER” By Stella L. Luna / Critical Analysis by Prof Muhammad Shanazar

Stella L. Luna

Being the Dean-Poetry Critic and Assessment at Motivational Strips Academy of Literary Excellence and Wisdom, i have been asked to evaluate a poem of Stella L. Luna, a poet from Philippine, I recommend her for membership of the Academy in case she has not been already a member. Her poem and my comments are below for the poetry readers, I further assert that Philippine is a fertile country, many of contemporary poets and translators are working for promotion of literature.


Life begins on the river.

No matter what, it will

flow to live.

The gifts of the Earth spring forth

by the riverbed.

Since the dawn of creation

Its mouth spews new beginnings .

We bring our wares in wagons

to cross over

We bring food to ease people’s hunger

We bring aid and relief to the sick

From the doctors with no borders.

We see children crossing currents

though rough and wild,

That is their dedication.

Risking their life and limbs

There’s no better future

Than a good education.

Under the moon, love stories were birthed

and songs were written.

Her long hair was a flowing golden river.

As her lover comes and goes,

Comforting her like the ebb

and flow of the waves.

Her love was unending like the waters

that flow through the sea

And promises were laid under

the blue moon

Sealed and kept alive by the soul spirits

That dwell underneath.

Wars have begun and ended on the river.

A place to hide when haunted down by enemies

As fortress and escape it has stood—

By the Bridge on the River Kwai,

Men have died and blood has been spilled.

The river is a gallant battleground

In honor and defence of our Motherland.

We have given birth on the River

and life has ended there.

The moon is a witness to its cycle of birth and rebirth.

In the river we sing with joy, with sorrow,

We give thanks.

Life will end at the river

While we are singing our last song.


Critical Analysis

The poem ‘Moon River’ by S. L. Luna begins with simplicity but as it advance it becomes complex and complex thought wise , it delineates flow of passion that dregs on reminiscence. The flow of river in literature symbolically signifies the flow of time in which life emerges and the smudges, but the flow of the river is constant, its ripples and waves big or small represent days, months and years, they surround incidents that occur and then become the part of history. The flow of river is a gift rather a constant process of creation and its banks remain brimming with its creative potential. We cannot swim across the river of life without the wares of life, we have to take care of our fellow brethren, each man in life becomes prolific when he share with the fellow beings his victual, Oscar Wilde says, ‘There is no Mystery so great as Misery.’ The river of time is not an easy task to swim across, we have to put in danger our own existence for others, we all men and women are the passers, life is hard but our mutual cooperation, affinities and compassion change it into a fun, men and women despite hardships sing songs and love one another, these elements chisel life more and more which ultimately appears a divine phenomenon. It is time we begin with and we end with, we take in it shelter when we are being chased and haunted by our enemies. The river of time has also its negative attributes and features, it is indifferent, it takes toll of human blood when it surges. The last lines lend beauty to the whole poem, in these lines the poetess refers to the accomplishment of the whole drama. Diction is simple, the flow of emotions is natural one, the whole expression doesn’t seem to be a deliberate attempt. The poem has its own vivid imagery that takes the reader in grip, but the lines, ‘Her long hair was a flowing golden river. As her lover comes and goes, Comforting her like the ebb and flow of the waves’ is the best depiction of imagery, poet’s mood from beginning to the end is the same which may be regarded as a serious poetic mood, there are some instances when we find poet’s imagination soaring higher than usual flight of imagination. Kido, I award 8 marks.


Prof. Muhammad Shanazar

3 thoughts on ““MOON RIVER” By Stella L. Luna / Critical Analysis by Prof Muhammad Shanazar

  1. Honoured and humbled by this Honourable Poet.
    Thank you Sir, and honourable Ambassador and World Icon of Peace, Nobel Prize for Literature Nominee , Vice President and Dean Prof Muhammad Shanazar. With heartfelt appreciation and gratitude I extend my felicitations to your literary criticism of my humble piece of work and honoured and featured. You have rendered an excellent piece of critique of literary excellence and this is my goldmine forever etched in my heart being my first Review received of acclaim . I am also overjoyed of your recommendation of me at the esteemed Academy of Literary Arts and Sciences of world class poets. This has brought me moments of silence and thought of how the flow of events has taken place, and God putting them in order in His time . I am merely a vessel and a small voice in a sea of dreamers.

    For this gift of writing and expression I give back All Glory to God 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 , He is My Banner, who is worthy to be praised and exalted.

    I share this with my fellow Filipino poets in the groups who are noteworthy and expressing excellence in their craft . Continue to be inspired by your muse. “Delight thy self in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of thy heart”.

    Love, hope, grace,
    S. L. Luna
    Philippines 🇵🇭

  2. I read the poem penned by Poet Stella Luna ‘ Moon River’. She is from Phillipines.

    Her poetic lines, I quote:

    ” Life begins on the river
    No matter, what it will
    Flow to live…
    The gifts of the Earth
    Spring forth by the river bed
    Since the dawn of creation.
    ….Wars are begun and ended on the River…By the Bridge on The River Kwai!
    Her voice is so discerning and tone throughout is really serious. But she speaks volumes of deep truths of life on / by the river.
    The Poetic Analysis done by Hon’l Poet Ambassador and World Icon of Peace is just too perfect. His analysis is most befitting I must say. The flow of river is compared to the flow of life and it’s perils .Time is ever, for ever a breather of life on earth.
    I really read a great poem after ages!

  3. My deepest gratitude and appreciation of your comment dear poet and author Anerta Chitale.
    Thank you and best wishes on your poetic journey . 😊. Stella

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