Poems by Dasharath Naik

Poems by Dasharath Naik



Harnessing what I have
I fumble and fall
my aspirations dig my grave
to be left there unrecognized
for all and for ever.

My expectations by my side
moaning my lost game
where I failed to teach my fellow
the beauty of Love and Humanity,
seriously at peril today.

My sincere words of wishes
drenched in blood though
would determine my days
lived in the silent vicinity of voidness
with my feeble helpless limbs .

My honest appreciation of life
and the kindest people around
would burst like bubbles
but aloud letting others know
my life’s long cherished dreams.



Tarpaulin leaking
Untold miseries
Shelterless wanderers

Like unwanted guests,
Lashing hard
Rains torment souls

In tearless grief,
Life famished
In manifold plights

Sandwiched between
Pains of rains
And rains of pains

Sans a helping hand
Watches vacantly
The old banyan tree.



Do go on bleeding
Inking about humanity ;
Listening to the poor
And the destitute ;
Waging a war against injustices
All the evils and Devils
Obstructing the growth
and progress ;
Singing the song of life
Love, Peace and Harmony ;
Turning a deaf ear to
What others remark or sneer at ;

Do keep going ,friends!

An endless flow life is ;
We can’t but flow like a stream
farther and farther
Venturing through the shades
of darkness;

Let your indomitable spirits
Fly higher and higher
Growing and glowing .

Long live Poetry !
Long live Poets !

©®Dasharath Naik

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