Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar

Poems by Dr. Subhendu Kar
beneath the cosmic bough eyes falter to sigh of clarity wrapped in darkness to behold blue
does it defy to adumbrate promise made in heaven in some other day?
Who knows green rooted in deep chasm labyrinthine to decipher the enigma
as blanket of sky is still speechless to utter rhymes of hidden glimpse
Yet rain drops splatter to engross heart of verdure by mire of watery flow
does vision pierces to peek into clouds of void to find reason for non reason
sweet song of mellow soul vibes blue to empower
In vale of dream to gravitate into rhythm of symphony
like susurrus of subtle breeze abounding
over green enticing to feel perked up….
as severed dusts serenade by drizzles of rain to pique up into castle of quagmire!
Yet after long lapse of time rain comes to embrace the blue of blossom for eyes to gravitate into vale of susurrus
do you ever meet the spring to know rhythm in color to swing into prism for an arc of iridescence of light for lone eyes to grasp Autumnal flow in heart barren sky.
Into kiss of silence tossed upon green in verdure blanketed by arms of night cries to stumble upon blindfold vision of moments to engross upon nowhere.
Parity is at fulcrum of fusion to see the act of equivalence in alchemy of bondage for a time yet unstinted within and beyond
to dislodge from castle of dream time breaks in to redefine art of love yet hidden in stark reality in between love and hatred .
spark of earth billows to mingle into vale of resonance to tie the emptiness of sky for eternity to continue as ever.
Reflection awes to see array of rays to fall into point of stillness to infuse
bracing up beauty to tie love of spring
so sweet to inspire wholesome of world.
universe made of blue particles governs the soul.
hush of night levitates to traverse into void of blue
to draw portrait of cosmos hidden in home of dream
clarity is the art of vision to grasp the delight.
no where to see what is beyond expansion of sky
yet all within but nothing beyond own imagination
none can feel what is not within earth to rejoice
in between time and space we are just a puppet to spring up of being tied from somewhere.
novelty is another coined newness to fresh up,
as new dawn revered by green verdure whispers into tide of blossom
yet autumn flow craves falling mists to attire no colors.
into grip of currency vortex by void calls to recall attraction
Rto articulate into bough of embodiment nothing disgorges to defy reality
@dr .subhendu Kar.

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