Poems by Nancy Ndeke

Poems by Nancy Ndeke



Is now a land, a State, a Nation,
By its nature,
Birds seeking a patch on lands new,
Ferried by factors of spirits of venture,
Chasing the native deep into the periphery,
Planting hope, planning a better tomorrow for only “THEM”
Daring spirit, adventurous spirit, devils advocate for his ” OWN” growth
A man conditioned by conditions that became life,
“A man shall eat by the sweat of his brow” scripture did say,
“Love your neighbour as you love your self” a law was summarized ,
But us, conditioned men of lands afar,
Threw deity out of our high towers,
Dumped love and loving onto the murky drainage of self aggrandizement,
Glory took their tongues into OWN praise and all else became carpet material,
Condition became second skin, inner and outer,
Arrogance became a lifestyle and a gospel,
Following masses eased off asking and settled for being told,
Human minds tricked into running rail efficiency at obedience,
Justice abdicated the throne of fairness,
Vulgar tongues wag at the innocent dog and Blessed God,
Condition and conditioner cornering the conditioned with the science of desired outcomes,
But Lol and Behold!
Life is a roamer and can never be tethered to wrong for long,
So CONDITIONER and his antics!
That’s how empires fall.
By seeking to condition all to fit set conditions,
Their man made glue falls off,
And the world watches a titan fall ,
Life limps on, and learns to fly unconditioned again,
That’s how emperors fall.
We are men,
We are not God.
Conditioning should be with good will of goodly manners.



When you left speech and rolled on the silent talk,
When the world faded around you into an unknown stretch,
When you wont question neither answer,
When your eyes stayed asleep in wakefulness,
When the warmth in your palm was the only acknowledgement of your presence,
The siren was perhaps a distance shrill for you,
Snarling traffic just another ordinary road show,
But beside you, grim faces,
Some duty bound as they monitored the unseen,
Some blood bound soundlessly asking why again,
And each bump is hopped in the emergency trip to where healers are believed,
But truly, its only heaven that may speak wellness,
And the mediators that stand beneath the throne of life giver,
Tears never changed the course of life, but sometimes they are all we ever have.
And acceptance of our puny efforts at tuning at better tunes,
When all around, anxiety plays drums.
Then we know we can only worry so much.


4 thoughts on “Poems by Nancy Ndeke

  1. Congratulations and awesome words of narration in these poems my dearly beloved sister. I like how they flow and the impact of the message. They are very inspiring regarding “Conditions.” Your descriptive excellence resonates with wonderful images of life, once peace of mind, body, and soul has been achieved through desired outcome resonating Godly manners with enlightenment. Have an awesome day and blessings always!

  2. Joseph Spence Jr.my deaeest brother and my beautiful soul sister Renee Drummond-Brown, i am truly honored by your beautiful words of encourageent.

    God bless you.

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