Poems by Jean C Bertrand

Poems by Jean C Bertrand


Closer to the moon

Closer to the moon
The layers of love
Venerated, sparks rays
Illuminating full bloom
Regaining peace
As an innocent shadow
Flying on cosmic wings
Making choice to kissing
Cheeks, nutritious tender
Candid smile on the air
Speaking of sweet
Desire to breathe
Thousands faces of sadness
Rejoicing in galaxy, hold your
Breath, it’s spring
C’mon dance with me


A walking melody

A walking melody
So in love with the
Wind, ways to create
A daily bliss, singing along

A walking melody
Certainly connected
Motivation and inspiration
Allowing to sing with mirth

A walking melody
Spirituality a practical
Remedy to sustain peace
Gleefully holding

A walking melody
Something so sweet
Powerful methodology
Coping with the winds

A walking melody
Wealthy desire, quietly
Facing the storms
Fearlessly singing a song of love.


With a vibrant gaze

With a vibrant gaze
The essential verses
Lovable devices
Sparkling eyes
The flavors of spring
An indispensable, amorous
Journey under the moonlight
Meaningful lovey-dovey
Heartfelt a rainbow cries
Precious tears, heartfelt
Humorous smile and laughter
Triumphing hearts at the
Festival of love and compassion.

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