Poems by Kabedoopong Piddo Ddibe’st

Poems by Kabedoopong Piddo Ddibe’st
The Empty Nest
The nestlings my own hand fed,
Like eagles turn their backs on the skies,
Have planted their foreign wings
And all across blue oceans fled
Far from where their old nest swings,
With dry droppings, cracked walls and deceit slogans.
I empty my mind of all sick thoughts of home,
As constipated factories empty their bowels into rivers
At this life’s ebbing edge, dreary like a dreaded judge,
As at home renegade cocks sleep as hawks come
To this haunted house at its deserted ebbing edge,
I, the Mother Nester, am forgotten like a spent bullet.
Hot colds and rags they comfort me,
And I shall not lack forever in my nest,
For if these fallen breasts of mine
Once fed the diplomats to their best,
Who now must never of me mind,
But bend their thick heads to lick their fingers.
The hen that hatched the scattered chicks
Now swims in the deep dustbin of history,
The chicks don’t throw in the hen’s beaks,
Oceans must be such a lucrative industry.
The poor earth lurches
From the eye of the sun,
Skidding off the course
Upon the heaps of their skunks,
Spluttering the anthill sophistry;
Upon quicksand of the world
They stampede upon
The spectroscopic bands
Of the Sphinx’s cocktails
At the Mvule Hills,
Permeating the rosy gardens
Of dreamy musical notes
Mixing amicably with their mascara,
So the high world
Skids off onto the bed of dust.
The Castle
A bony castle — a stony castle
A castle all bony at late dusk,
Spewing tears of the naked Sun
On the backs of laboring men.
A castle bony — a black castle
A castle all clothed with gold
Spewing coppers and fires,
Through the chests of men.
A bony maid — a meaty Castle
A castle all black and barbed
Spewing flames and whitish fumes
Like the legendary Chinese Dragon.
The Mannequin
Down street a certain shop
Of the civilization;
My eyes met a puppet:
Curved pair of breasts
Like over ripening pawpaws,
Brilliant ardent lustful eyes,
Bursting like promiscuous stars,
Placid pumped hips and thighs,
Protruding the softest spots
Of the civilized savage world;
Translucent cascades of shoulders,
With wild soft breast’s furs,
Springing from the dark forest
Of the forbidden fruits in the centre
Of the testamentary procreation,
Such falling bleached hairs
Creeping against the stems of their necks,
Tempestuous petticoats
And the careless G-strings,
Lips of thousands colors
Of the wild civility,
My body erects with untamed ghosts,
Driving away my innocent spirit;
Oh, daredevil, what a bait
Of the fisherman’s hook
With the bewitchment of my youthful heart
Upon my art perishing on my old part!
© Kabedoopong Piddo Ddibe’st

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