WANG Caiming (China)

WANG Caiming (China)
WANG Caiming, an excellent contemporary Chinese poetess, is also known by her pen name Riyueniannian. Born in Zhang County, Gansu Province, in 1974, she now lives in Shenzhen. She is member of the Chinese Poetry Society, Gansu Writers’ Association, and member of the County Political Consultative Conference. His works were published in Minzhou Literature, Feitian, Gansu Daily, Northwest Military Literature, Gansu Peasant, New Century Poetry Dictionary, Bosom friend, Time Literature, Chinese Love Poetry Magazine, Guanju Love Poetry Magazine, Poet, Shandong Poets, Poetry Heights, among many other newspapers. She has published many poems and essays in collections, such as I Have My Far-away, Memory and Forgetting, Blue Moth and Listening to Flowers. Some of the works have been translated into English, German, Korean and other languages.
Fabricating a Lover
You’re above ice and I’m under
Spring is so powerful
That we melt each other
My perfume, my make-up and my delicacy
Are all destroyed by night
Wind is unfastening the last button
Wooden double bed
You’re on the left and I the right
When night comes, the sea starts to surge
With tide in and out
And the moon hangs high in the vast spring
With hills and rills thousand miles’ away
Fabricating a shoulder
To weep on. Fabricating a hug
To warm up
Fabricating a YOU
Who walk through the texture of words
Until heaven and earth get old
Too Lonely All by Oneself
Eating all by oneself, sleeping all by oneself
Walking on the street all by oneself
Engulfed by the crowd all by oneself
Shopping all by oneself, reading all by oneself
Listening to the music all by oneself, crying all by oneself
Playing the piano till midnight all by oneself
Arriving in the depth of loneliness all by oneself
It’s too lonely all by oneself
You say you’d drive me
For sightseeing to where there is the sea
You say you’d take my hand
To see the sunset when clouds glow
And the autumnal fruits grow out of the spring flowers
You’d from now on watch me
Grow old gradually
When my hair turn grey one by one
These beautiful words
Rush from your mouth to my heart
To make me again
Believe in the future
The Seeds of Autumn
Pitch-dark night, with its limitless tentacle of darkness, destroys materiality
Like the twilight of dawn, lust crawls atop the building and looks around
I hand over my pining that showers like snow
Autumn wind blows now and then
Giving me you—
Red lips, fixed eyes, divinity coming out of raging flames
Overdrawing strength and sweat
Finger tips walk on the broad chest
Like a wild horse
Galloping in autumn. Cloudy and foggy and woody
Cracks stand between trees. Gale snaps some thorny issues
Masculine love is so pungent
Butterflies in pairs fly to the city of light
Under the umbrella, a long kiss proves the worthy life
On this land we plant the ripen seeds
This life and after, and another
To let them grow, root, flourish and wither. Again and again.
Penetrating, washing and submerging
Love and loyalty
(Translated by B. O. Yan)

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