Mbizo Chirasha ( Zimbabwe)

Posted on October 18, 2019


Mbizo Chirasha ( Zimbabwe)

Mbizo Chirasha ( Live Literature Hub Curator and Head of Poetry Café Sotambe 2019).Chirasha is the Poet in Residence at the Fictional Café (International publishing and literary digital space). 2019 Sotambe Festival Live Literature Hub and Poetry Café Curator. 2019 African Fellow for the International Human Rights Art Festival ( ihraf.org) , Essays Contributor to Monk Art and Soul Magazine in United Kingdom . Arts Features Writer at the International Cultural Weeklyhttps://www.culturalweekly.com › poetivism-new-art-resistance-zimbabwe)
Founder and Chief Editor of WOMAWORDS LITERARY PRESS https://womawordsliterarypress.home.blog/) (. Founder and Curator of the Brave Voices Poetry Journal. Poetry Contributor to AtunisPoetry.com in Belgium. African Contributor to DemerPress International Poetry Book Series in Netherlands. African Contributor to the World Poetry Almanac Poetry Series in Mongolia. His latest 2019 collection of experimental poetry A LETTER TO THE PRESIDENT by Mwanaka Media and Publishing and is both in print, on Amazon.com and at is featured at African Books Collective. Mbizo Chirasha is the Originator of the Zimbabwe We Want Poetry Campaign. Founder and Creative Director of Girl Child Talent Festival and GirlChildCreativity Project. 2003 Young Literary Arts Delegate to the Goteborg International Book Fair Sweden (SIDA AFRICAN PAVILION) .2009 Poet in Residence of the International Conference of African Culture and Development (ICACD) in Ghana. 2009 Fellow to the inaugural UNESCO- Africa Photo- Novel Publishers and Writers Training in Tanzania. 2015 Artist in Residence of the Shunguna Mutitima International Film and Arts Festival in Livingstone, Zambia. A globally certified literary arts influencer, Writer in Residence and Recipient of the EU-Horn of Africa Defend Defenders Protection Fund Grant, Recipient of the Pen Deutschland Exiled Writer Grant. He is an Arts for Peace and Human Rights Catalyst, the Literary Arts Projects Curator, Poet, Writer, publicist is published in more 200 spaces in print and online.

 Mbizo Chirasha at : girlchildcreativity@gmail.com

stink of sweat smelling millet slavery and the scent of blood revolutions.
Slapped in the face with sanctions mud by hands under the influence
of imperialistic alcohol. A super-concoction of propaganda maize porridge and
Media yeast.
Waterfalls of anger washing away your freedom dimples
Handmaidens and mental epileptic waiters serving political syphilis in ideological cafes
Children smelling stale ideological urine and dirt diplomatic cocaine
Identities condomised with donor culture and sexual myopia
Baboons eating colors of your flag, munching apples of your freedom
Tongues kissing bottom streams of the state under the veil of democracy gospel
Haiti, my pen is a weapon of mass instruction, I see the spreading yellow York of the sun
, gently falling over the darkness of your skin, yawning off the old skin of dust,
Regaining the lost richness of your dimples.
See the ballot dust bins seething with propaganda condoms, political abortions,
Freedom stillborn!
Violence is a see through pit coat that uncovers city buttocks marked with political boils
Bring me beer bottles frothing with sanctions venom and slogan vitriol
Cigar butts dripped by tears flowing from hardy sandy faces of street vendors,
Blood gushing from rough clay palms of peasants
Empty promises and concrete bread from executive offices
Propaganda is the voter’s appetizing pill before the ballot dinner
Bring slogan gloves to condomise against imperialistic gonorrhea
Marxist encyclopedia. Potassium to my intellectual blood
Leninist Wikipedia .Calcium to mental bones
Bring! Robin Island marinated Mandela profile. Crude oil soaked Kaddafi resume. Communist bleached Castro biography
Election is the deodorant defining the beauty of democracy
Perfume suppressing the rot of autocracy
Constitution is the detergent washing away sweat stains from the ballot box
Referendum is the aftershave powder drying pimples of injustice
Dimples of mighty river donga, river
Sokoto flowing honey of liberation, dripping sweetness of decades
Of freedom harvest
Taraba and ekuku flowing with seasons coming after one another
Winters in tears and summers in blood
Dimples of freedom sing freedom
Freedom of the people, people and their song
The resonance of rhythm, rhythm of drumbeat throbbing
Tsauninmainono, veins of tsaunin Kure, throbbing the heart of tsauninukuru
Rhythm throbbing under the feet of mothers and children pounding this earth sodden in oil and hope.
Dimples of freedom
You age with generations like baobab
The essence of villages and the resonance of tribes
Tribes singing embracing the dimples of silver moon
Singing one tune, in one tongue, sing boki mothers, rise mbumbe sisters
Sing bachere songs, dance the gavako dance
Dimples of freedom
You age with generations like banana trees
Kings of this land, i sing of you
My song of bones, shadows, stones, mist and smoke
Dimples of freedom
I sing of kings whose skin glow after the caress of coco butter
Their breath smelling the milk of coconut
I sing with modibo of gombe, obong of obioko, olu of Warri
I sing of you babanlamido, oba of Lagos
Dimples of freedom smile with olo of the olowo
Dimples of freedom
Smelling decades of light and stink
Enduring decades of nights and hope
Sleeping in decades of nightmares and dreams
Rivers gobe, ekulu and aba, rise for freedom
Your stomachs vomiting the sun of liberation, liberation
That crocodiles and reptiles be pregnant with the sun of liberation and
The moon of freedom
Dimples of freedom
On top of tsauninkuki, tasuninshamaimba, doves and owls hooting
And cooing the dark of nights and newness of mornings
Dimples of freedom smile to the mountains of this land
This is my poetic grapefruit to the land that breakfasted
Omelette of bitterness and beetroot of sweetness
Dimples of freedom
This is my succulent watermelon of metaphors to the land whose is heart is
Velvet and whose soul is a grain of wheat
Dimples of freedom sing with me, the song of freedom,
Sing Bello, sing azikiwe, sing awolowo, and sing shehu
Song of the people, people and their song.
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