On Reading Kabir’s Lyrics / Poem by Pushmaotee Subrun

Posted on October 18, 2019


Poem by Pushmaotee Subrun
On Reading Kabir’s Lyrics
Kabir’s lyrics set my heart in raptures.
I saw myself drawn to his verses
On the Supreme, there, in the Elysian fields
Where peace and beauty dwells,
With divine music and parks shady,
It’s believed to be reserved for mortals eternally,
Those who are close to God for being righteous,
There where the Lord is revealed in forms plenteous,
The scent of sandal and flowers dwell permanently,
In those fields heavenly
There you can see the Lord’s manifestation,
In myriads of His creation,
In the form of Brahma, the Lord of creation,
Vishnu, Lord of preservation.
Shiva, the Lord of annihilation.
Ram, Rahim, Sita, Parvati,
Christ and Mother Mary.
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