About Deepa Chandram Ram’s poetry collection entitled ” The Inner Quiet” / By: Jenayah Hela Tekali

About Deepa Chandram Ram’s poetry collection entitled ” The Inner Quiet”

When going through Deepa Chandran Ram’s poetry one senses the urge to live fully for the moment , and not care about the past , or even the future which may create frustration , depression, echoing her words ” mental phantom of anticipation and fear” , her poetry is like some paintaing on oil or canvas which takes you beyond yourself to a haven of fantasy, nirvana , jouissance ,where you have no other choice but lose yourself , and let your veins indulge in this fantabulous journey drinking the spaces between you and your Beloved .
What is striking about her poem ” Silence ” is this beautiful tableau , scenery , or drastic portrait she portrays out of her mindboggling imagination creating an atmosphere of utter beauty surging from a ” transient twilight ‘ , ‘ misty delusions’, where Silence reveals the ” pristine ” , flawless revelations , the quintessence of being using her words , where the light identifies with darkness , and darkness with light, and the sound turns out into silence, and silence into sound.It is only mystics or sufi souls inspired by the voice of the Beloved are capable of experiencing such a state of complete surrender and mergence into the divine forces conversing with the tongue of an intoxicated soul which is her own.
Again in ” Bottomless Urn” , Deepa invites the reader to live for the moment , reminiscent of Lau Tzu ‘s quote : ” If you are depressed you are living in the past.
If you are anxious you are living in the future
If you are at peace you are living in the present.

She sollicites the reader to evaporate all doors to the unconscious and to dwell in the moment , breathe , be true to the self as you find back this ” inner quiet” , experience the ” inner peace” , and ultimate bliss.

“Between You and Me” again is an encounter beween the ” I ” and the ethereal Self , the Other.
The poetess confesses that she meets death , the stranger who is in reality her own unconscious entity.Indeed through this acquaintance with the other side that the poetess feels ultimately serene, and her soul ” gravitates deep in its mystic wine urn”. This esplanade or mono- aware evasion into the forbidden spaces of the soul that constitute the pieces of the puzzle which once recollected will bring her back to that state of ” inner quiet” , where her veins still in a slumbering state , are drinking the space between ” her” and the Beloved.

Reading through those lines , one cannot help but be driven by the beauty of her sensuous and charming lines .Her highly poetic words, imageries, and sophisticated metaphors, conceits , as well as the perfect choice of diction cannot leave you indifferent but pulls your nude soul down in its romantic interlude where you revel both her poetry , as well as , her painting and music ,which leave their indelible footprints on your quest for love, inner quiet , and pursuit of artistic , aesthetic , and human endeavour.


By: Jenayah Hela Tekali
Copyright 21/10/19

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