BREATH OF LIGHT (To my beloved angel) – Alicia Minjarez Ramírez / Translated by: Alaric Gutiérrez.

Poem by  Alicia Minjarez Ramírez


To my beloved angel

Mute allegory of clouds
Feeling my cedars’ roots,
Designing the path;
Song of blackbirds and orioles,
Stunned chimera permuting
Fertile figs and pomegranates.

Musical waterfalls
Permeate thick
Alders and chestnuts,
Ethereal decline;
Antioch’s legacy
Rinses and distorts
Coasts, olives and vines
Over the Patara’s coastline.

Emir necromancer
Descends from
Bare meadows
Revealing seeds
To quench the moon
In the subtle geography
Of my own shadows.

Your eyes light up
The awoken clay
Of jade and honeysuckle,
Moistening poems
To clear the air
Of the past hours.

Imprecise and concrete trail
Upon the wind of days
That intertwines our dawn.
A brief breath of your light is enough
In the abyss of my night.

Translated by: Alaric Gutiérrez

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