Poems by Asoke Kumar Mitra

Poems by Asoke Kumar Mitra


This Night

My heart longs to join
Into your song
Today the autumn has come
At my window

Shall forgive you for the wounds
Silent worship at the temple of midnight
Strange light of the sky
In your eyes

Silent salutations
My heart wanders
In the restless wind
I listen your far away song

You will go away as a
Stranger in the night
My journey nowhere again
And the night darkened…

(C) Asoke Kumar Mitra, Oct, 2019
On the 7th day (Saptami) of Durga Puja Festival. with image of Durga .


When you…

When you first came,
Memories in whisper
Silence grows in our eyes
We grew up together
Our antique sky

Cannot escape
Night falls slowly
Dark comes in
Faraway fragrance
Of wildflower

When you came in the autumn rain
My poems buried in you
Silently washed
All alone in my innocence
Restless dreams come alive…

(C) Asoke Kumar Mitra, September, 2019

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