Leonard Dabydeen (Canada)

Leonard Dabydeen Brampton, Ontario (Canada)
Leonard Dabydeen, Guyanese-Canadian poet and member of The Society of Classical Poets (USA); Life Member of MetVerse Muse (India); member of Muse India Journal; member of Muse-Pie Press (Shot Glass Journal and Fib Review), contributor to Gandhi Way Newsletter (UK), https://english.pratilipi.com/leonard-dabydeen/, SETU bilingual literary journal (USA); OUR POETRY ARCHIVE, A monthly web journal; Galaktika Poetike “ATUNIS” blog; blog: https://ldabydeen.wordpress.com/ .
Free-lance writer and book reviewer; author of Watching You, A Collection of Tetractys Poems (2012), and Searching For You, A Collection of Tetractys and Fibonacci Poems (2015).
When I speak of history I speak well;
I leave behind the past where broken bones
Lay scattered on blistering sands to tell
Of atrocities that are mostly groans.
While you may feel the pain lurking inside
With hurt failing any impunity;
And browse pages upon pages to ride
This feeling of guilt, remorse or pity,
It was Columbus sailing the great tides
Out discovering many a new world;
And Sir Francis Drake loved the battle cries –
Chicanery as a new age unfurled.
The mind finds revelations in the past,
So meaningful and useful to the last.
Here is our playground
bigger and better than any golf course
or football stadium
where pebbles of our minds are crested
with opinions and beliefs
some confessional, some consummate
each heart in tandem with another heart
or delighting in some differences
yet we will not falter
as we present our pot-luck
to nourish our ambient souls
fragrance of pious spices
wafting like aroma in a buffet
our round- table larger than a globe
our seats unmarked, to each his own
yet we will not falter
as we partake with love
encrypted in understanding
in this delightful game of life.
Enjoy a World of Love
प्यार के मजे ले लो दुनिया के मरिहै
(pyaar ke maje le lo duniya ke marihai)
Where animosity breathes contempt, you
Must take hard look at its cause and effect
Before you let a pot of affront brew,
And for consequences you may regret.
Better to look at the bridge on both ends
Before attempting a roller coaster;
For there are always ups and downs , amends
You should make prior to be a cruiser.
When all fails and you run out of options,
Unlock the Zeus fountain in your heart
And let flow a wisdom of confessions:
That yourself comes first, no matter the start.
Unshackling barriers in your life’s cove
Results in enjoying a world of love.

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