Poems by Lily Swarn

Poems by Lily Swarn
The Breath of Life
I swallowed the new world
Like a sugar coated pill
In one gluttonous gulp
Too frightened to resist
The thrill of the ride
On this Giant Ferris wheel
Too dizzy with euphoric
Serotonin highs
Greedy for Instant Nirvana
I rode the thrashing breakers
Of the pirate infested High Seas
Till I paused for a breath
The breath of Life!
Copyright Lily Swarn 10.9.2019
Grassy Notes!
They swayed to the music of the winds
Stylish grasses with feathery tops
They halted when they heard your footsteps
On the squelchy muddy shortcut home
You stopped mid stride and cocked your ears
Like an inquisitive spaniel about to snap
The twigs beneath your feet crackled
You pretended to be dead to fool the gods
For you were biding time till love came calling on.
Copyright Lily Swarn 22.10.2017
Across the realms of reality
Let’s stroll arm in arm
My fantasy…
You smile
And I watch the moon
Reflected in your fabled eyes
You look at me adoringly
Hanging on to each word of mine
Your fragrance ensheathes me
In clouds of inebriated bliss
I gaze in rapturous awe
As you toss your mane across
Your statuesque shoulder
Cascades of rippling waves
Smother me in serene havens
I whisper your divine name
My fantasy
As you wriggle out of my
Aching embrace.
Copyright Lily Swarn 30.6.2016

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