Sojourn To Maldives – A book by Aneeta Chitale

Sojourn To Maldives

Ex- Secretary Indian Foreign Service

Ambassador Dnyaneshwar Mulay

High Commissioner India- To Maldives


Aneeta Chitale’s writing has captured the ‘quintessential lifestyle of Maldivian’s from being the simple seafarer’s to the astute administrators and prudent diplomats. Her ‘Odyssey ’along the islands, be it on a perilous ocean or landing on a ‘Tiny Toy Air Strip’ and walking along the beach, glittering with ‘Billions of Glow Worms; ’ is a fascinating story of her travels.

She stands a ‘Testimony’ to the political unrest in The Republic Of Maldives -2009.’ Aneeta’s novel writing has emerged from her real travel experiences’. She has written most of the episodes, from the memoir of the political and economic arenas, of this country.

Watch The Video Trailor of Book On Youtube : Link

USA: https;// 9389482321

Uk:https:// 9389482321

Espain:https:// www/ 9389482321


France: https://  9389482321

Italy: https://  9389482321


Aneeta Chitale


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