Poems by ‌Pushpa Latha Ramakrishnan

‌Pushpa Latha Ramakrishnan
Pushpalatha Ramakhrisnan was the former professor of English at different govt colleges in Tamil nadu.As an avid reader, she prepared course materials for all subjects for the university students and got the book Reverie subtitled as The inward journey by Aabs India limited under the grace of Sunita Paul.she got another book translated named as Knowing self is Though she belongs to south India,has great regard and respect for the people of all nations.
“you are like the camera
You are like a mirror too
‌Let the eyes reflect
‌All in you
‌Be it grace or elegance
‌Be it compassion or passion
‌Be it sorrow or joy
‌Be it what ever
‌It may be..
Nothing is so precious
‌as the human touch
‌ Between the two knitted hearts
Everything is subject to decay,
‌I mean the dress we wear
‌The food we taste
‌The shelter we take
‌Better nurture relation ship
‌The good sense of it
‌Will alone last forever. i
Become attractive
Not in dress.
Not in style
But in the inner glow
Making you
All the more attractive.
Better not believe the looks
They may mislead you
Better not believe in riches
They may mislead you too
Wait for ages a caring mind
A listening heart
That will do wonders
To enrich life.
Any marital relationship
Based on understanding too
Will bring lots of joy
Wealth may come
Fame may come
On the basis of respect
Each has for the other.
Oh,god let me be under the circumference full of aura
To get protection against all tantrums
Insults and affronts
Why should I be
Scared of the one
In my life
Oh god , where ever I move
I feel the aura around me
Dreaming about a mansion
Where all virtues would enter
I built a mansion by the dint
Of labour with my beloved.
No use to expect grace,
Elegance, and respect.
From it.
I wonder what should be the will of God
is it the effect of past karma?
Is it the effect of hasty action?
Now I wonder what it is.
Now I stay calm
Watching the flow of life
With strong faith and ease.
Parenting ,patenting
Is an art not easily
Attained by all
Some children are born matured
Taking the course of life
With ease despite commitments
They need no advice to grow well
Some are made great
By the constant care
And concern of the parents
At every growing stage
Some are born to create problems
Alone till the end
All the times affront will be
At the front for the parents.
How ever well behaved are
However good hearted are
However learners are the parents
In the art of parenting
They have to bear sorrows
Till the end of their lives.
Problems will be continuous
At all stages of growth
At t all the institutes
Whether it be school
College or workplace
Or at marriage
The parents are alone
The heroes and heroines
To lead the miserable tale of woe.
Oh my love ,be with me
To make me forget the world
Be with me to tell tales of chivalry.
Be with me t o take me
To a different realm
To show the beauty of living
Be with me to show
The way of loving
Be with me to show
The grace in living
What makes me hold you
Is the pure form of love
That you have for me.
Whenever you are with me
I lack in words of expression.
In your presence comes
A twinkle in my eyes
A charm in my face
A smile on my closed lips
Showing modesty
And dignity to make the world
Recognize that you
Are in my deepest possession
Often comes a thought about
Who live without food
Who live without shelter
Who live without riches
Why is the line of demarcation?
Is it the will of God?
Or is it the destiny that
Determines the condition?
I am too innocent to know this.
Why do all suffer inspite of being
Good,kind hearted and honest
Is there any decree framed
By the Almighty to test their
Is there any reward for all their Forbearance at the end?
I am at a loss to know the result.
I breathe like an infant
Wth the help of the belly
Not the chest
To remain unperturbed
I watch everything
Staying calm
Not in the least disturbed
By the passing phase of life.
Be like s flower
To bloom with joy
Whenever a gentle breeze glides
It will move gently smiling
Spreading all around
with the fragrance
Be like a peacock
Pluming with pride
While stretching the feathers
And dancing with joy
Whenever the wind blows
Making all the hearts
Flutter with joy
.like the butterflies.
Be like a swan
To walk gracefully
With lots of joy
With poise and gait
Be like a cuckoo
To sing the songs of melody
To make all rapt in bliss and joy.
Be like Hyacinth all the time
Looking afresh both on the plant
And on the flower vase when kept
Let the day dawn
Let the life too dawn for me
Suffering suffering.whereever I turn
I see suffering
My attention is drawn towards all
Many are without basic amenities
Many are without food
Many are without minimum .
Why is the line of disparity?
Who has drawn this?
Is it god or we?
I stay calm reflecting upon
The answer came all on a sudden
Be it heaven or hell
Is being created by our thoughts.
Be it joy or sorrow
Is being created
By the process of our thinking.
The only way to escape
To survive in the world,
Like lotus,fully rooted in the pond
Is to do our duty
To accept everything with patience
The total surrender to the Almighty
Will lift above the current of life.
Trust,trust God
How He comes to our rescue
Can’t be imagined
How the message will be sent
Not like the storm,nor like the
Food waters or not even like the
Fast current of the river
Will it come.
So sweet,so gentle the code
Of the message be delivered
Like a gentle gale
Like a mild shower or even
Like the falling of a leaf
With full of snowy drops on the ground
Rest assured ,once
The surrender is made
He will be within us
Never allowing us to struggle
To cross the current of life
Faith,Faith is the need of the hour
Even karma or what to say Destiny
Will be destroyed by the Omnipotent
Look not on me like this….
You Kindle passions in me
like ocean’s
Caress not me like this
What others do.
Do wonders with in
The wink of an eye.
Cast a spell as if in a dream
So sweetly bewitched by your glance
Always willing to be under slumber
Like the lotus eaters.
Dancing and singing in sleeping.
Ready to forget the responsibilities
The commitments in life.
Drench me with dues of love
Hold me in your arms as if like a child
Never releasing me from your fold
For me you are everything
But for you I will die.
The constancy of of love is such
Even seasons change but I
‌Will never change
Often i sat under a tree
Al most all the time
Always in a reverie
Remunating the loses
Relating to business
Relating to friends and
Relatives incurred too
Suddenly i felt a blow
Striking onmy head
For my stupidity
Then I was awakened
In to normalcy
Why waste time in the past?
Then the power of now
Is felt by me leading me
In to the conscious state.
Around me making me all
The more alert to win success.
I spin like a top focusing on
All that results in success
All the worries leave me
I am in a cysteine clear state
To set my self in action
Come what may.
No botheration
To think about execution.
Be like a heroine,
Be like a heroine
To play with ease
And grace in the drama of life
With full of jubilance or sorrow
As to suit to the situation
Doing the part as assigned
By god as if in a play
Be like a heroine
Remain unaffected
Though doing it well
With too much of involvement
Nothing should upset the nature
However worst the roles may be.
Unluckily all females
Are struck with illness
Or agony due to imbalance
Becoming morose
Move like old ladies loose gown
Give up desparation
Be joyful to ease yourself
Listen to melodious songs.
Better illuminate your home
You live to avoid depression
Make the inmates feel at home
To make your absence all the more
Felt by all at home
Read ,read and learn
To understand the feelings of the partner
To stand up right with dignity beside him
Spread love like a sweet
Smelling blossom,bringing
All under the umbrella of
Love,compassion and hope.

2 thoughts on “Poems by ‌Pushpa Latha Ramakrishnan

  1. There is a spiritual thread in the honourable professor-poet Pushpalatha Ramakrishnan’s soulful verses. Her poetry appeals to humanity. Even in God-thinking she thinks of miseries of man. She raises questions regarding the disequilibrium and inequality existing in the society. From sociological standpoint she not only reveals the shining and the suffering societies but also feels pain for the depressed and the helpless. Here she possesses the iconoclastic and idealistic souls of Sukanta and Najrul in Bengali literature. Like Hopkins in one of his terrible sonnets( to quote “Why do the sinners’ ways prosper?”) she complains God for His partiality to the rich. But there is no anger in Pushpalata Ramakrishnan but sensitive tone. She invites all to be God-centric but not to disturb minds in rat-race for matetial properity. She in her verses creates a mansion filled with virtues that will wall and guard her from vice. Like Tagore in ‘Song Offerings’ she feels the light of the Almighty and wants to be enlightened — a kind of epiphanic moment, a kind of elevation, a moral elevation, a spiritual elevation, a transcendence. In some of her verses she wants to be included in the circumferene of light, better to say a divine halo. The poet’s communion with the Infinite is running. In spite of remaining in such a spiritual world she never forgets humanity suffering too much. Like all good poets she listens to the still sad music of humanity. Appealing all to be colourful peacocks, cuckoos, beautiful flowers she champions virtue and wins the hearts of the readers for humanitarian approach. Spiritual humanism is the hallmark of her poetry. Let her poetic fragrance spread throughout the world.

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