See you next time may be… / Poem by Dr. Gita Mohanty

Poem by Dr. Gita Mohanty
See you next time may be…
I wouldn’t draw on the soil,
With my toe nail,
Neither I would twist,
The corner of my veil,
Nor I would eat my finger nail,
I wouldn’t look here and there,
This time I’m telling you clear,
My eyes totally be in your eye,
I wouldn’t make hurry for saying you a bye,
I wouldn’t run around the bush,
To avoid and me be confused,
Knowingly I wouldn’t divert to politics
Or even to science,
I would be present in the alliance,
Definitely I wouldn’t give the reason of my sweeting,
To Global warming,
Or my faster breath
As pollution warning
I wouldn’t say something fallen in my eye,
I wouldn’t hide myself out of shy,
If tears would roll,
I would let them to fall,
This time I wouldn’t hesitate at all
I may look silly, crying like a small,
I wouldn’t pretend my grave voice,
I wouldn’t lie that I didn’t hear, because of noise,
Emotions wouldn’t take shelter,
Behind ‘nothing happened door’,
I would listen all your metaphors,
I wouldn’t say this and that,
But the exact,
What I meant,
This time my ears wouldn’t turn red,
And nose wouldn’t look bad,
And I wouldn’t swallow the words,
I came strong all prepared,
This time I came with all my dare,
To hear,
Per sure,
My dear,
Even to your feeble whisper,
Oops my bad,
Not this time,
But next time,
I would really be prepared,
Just remember each and all my word,
I would come for sure,
Even if the world stop rotating my dear,
Just one small problem,
I may not come again,
If it’s rains,
Because I may catch cold,
In the pharmacy my medicines are at hold.
So let’s recall,
It’s the issue of falling sick after all.
Dr. Gita Mohanty

One thought on “See you next time may be… / Poem by Dr. Gita Mohanty

  1. The poet has made a consious effort to keep a focus on rhyming which reesulted in diluting the thrust of her narrative. However, she has woven an interesting web of images. She has a great potential as a good poetic narrator.

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