Slipping Away / Poem by Deepti Gupta

Poem by Deepti Gupta

Slipping Away

Why does happiness slip away
Why does joy elude me
Probably my heart is full of sin
It is full of passions
full of obsessions
It is stuffed with fears
It is full of futile desires
full of greed and jealousy
When there is
No free place, no space at all
how can happiness come & settle
in my heart, how can joy come
and embrace my heart !
I am the only reason of their slipping away
When the inner space is full of garbage
how can nice things come in
and occupy the inner me
I have to get my heart rid of all the filth
to make place for happiness
to welcome joy & peace
to store the tranquillity
Then, I hope they won’t slip away
When my innerself would store an ocean of
happiness, joy, peace and tranquillity !!

My poetic gift to my dear Agron Shele on the occasion of our grand cultural festival ‘Deepawali’….

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