IN MY SOLITUDE / Poem by Joanna Svensson

Poem by Joanna Svensson



In my solitude
When crumbs of time
Has fallen from the table
Where others needs
And others doings
Have been done

There in my solitude
I gently gathered them
To be able to write
To be able to dream
All of the undreamed dreams
I’ve always dreamed about dreaming
In order to be able
To realize
My heart’s irresistable lust
My heart’s deepest vocation

To gather all pictures
And gather all impressions
To mantel them in words
Words that become verses
And verses that become poems

I have gathered many
Oh, so many I have gathered
Many crumbs of time
That have been left
For me
After all these years

But I am not bitter for this
I could always manage
To make it in time
To make ends meet
For others

The one’s I love
The one’s I adore
I stretched the rope of time
Like an endless rubberband
The time
That was left
For me

But the more I gathered
The more I wrote
I sometimes borrowed time
Because I knew the time would come

I felt so often
That the universe
Trixed the time for me
And stretched out
All its borders
Sometimes I wished
To infinity

So that I could write
So that I could tell
All the world
What I see
That others do not see
And to tell the world
What I hear
That others do not hear

I felt that the power of words
Are stronger than feelings
’cause feelings you may bridle
But the written words
Are more sharp than swords

It has become many poems
Many poems through the years
Time is the witness
To all that’s happened
Because it knows
All my hiding places
In boxes, drawers, bags
Filled to its rims
With poems

It was so long
Since the feeling
Of solitude
Came over me
Because all of my
old poems
Got a new face
And a new life

They did get new shapes
New clothings
Like Cinderella
In H C Andersen’s fairytail

They touched the hearts of many
The hearts of those
who got to hear them
For whom they had been told

And all the ones I love
Whom I have given
All of my time
Whom I have given
All my love
They are proud of me today
For the one that I am
For the one I have become

I have hidden in my verses
All the love I ‘ve felt
All these years of feelings
Love for the environment
And the one’s that I love

It warms my heart to know
That they have all seen
Seen what I mean
Seen what I have to say!

©® Joanna Svensson

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