Poems by Rajashree Mohapatra

Poems by Rajashree Mohapatra
At last, she finds her poet!
like moon harvest .
Her wistful soul heard
the most melodious sound
rustling in the breeze
a concerted harmony
like mountain and valley.
She trills with subtle steps
The gentle warbling wind
fills their sails .
Blaze of flowers unveils self .
The divine yet inviolable tools
are all in colourful shade.
Oh my sweet Angel!
sing for me a night’s merry play.
Past is hidden
yet dissipated into living memoir
an unstinting episode
of an rainbow rocking
to reminisce rain.
Oh my beloved !
Our beginning is never lost
But was once
Yet a living story enveloped
in fossil of darkness
like unflinching shadow
by reams of milky way
Wind whispers…
Fan her with feathery wings
Wash her with dews of springs .
Crisp her hair with reach air
Softly kiss her contour rare .
Murmur in her ear a sweet dream
Let her flow like a perennial stream.
She has come to breath life
Her eyes are stars , a pure delight
The seed of creation. in her womb
Steps are marked on enamelled floors .
She will dance with autumn’s white
Touching softly the morning light .
Rajashree Mohapatra©

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