THE INFERNO / A short article about Love by Lily Swarn

A short article about Love by Lily Swarn
Do i love you because you are beautiful ,
Or are you beautiful because i love you ?..Cinderella
This is not for people, who say , -forget love , i’d rather fall in chocolate ! Its for those, who let the misty rains of love, fall softly , but flood the river.The perennial, gnawing , heart hammering, hunger for love , is the lot of human kind . Its a need like no other .The day you realize, that you can go ,without food and water , for a whole day , but definitely not without a single gesture of love .Love was Gods’ plan when he made man , since Gods divine nature is love .Mark Overby ,put it simpy,”Love is much like a wild rose , beautiful and calm , but willing to draw blood in its defense.” It is surely sweet tyrrany , for the torments are willingly endured by those who love !
When ,one gets into the habit of endlessly forgiving , even when the thoughts are eminently murderous , it means that ,love has set up house ,in your unsuspecting heart . Since love is a law unto itself , there are no rules that apply at all. There can be no self help books or ‘learn to love in twenty days’, kind of, smart best sellers! Its the wick , that burns constantly ,brightening the flame that it lights. It needs selfless , humble ,bowing down , at the altar , that demands sacrifice of the highest order .Winds, can only snuff out , pretty frothy , candles. the bonfire of true love, blazes stronger into an inferno , with the chilling winds .The strangest thing , is that even though we choose the people we like , love chooses us !We have no say in the matter at all! lLke a gifted sleuth , it sniffs us out !!
A great example ,is the lady who sings , as she mops the floor , after her beloved has walked on it with muddy barn boots!!Well, if you are sensible about love then beware , for you are then , incapable of love !
copyright LILY SWARN 4.11.2015

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