Poems by Zade Kuqi / Translated by Kujtim Morina

Poems by Zade Kuqi
The birds are all over the garden, next to windows.
There are so many here! My soul escaped to the death,
endless kilometres away, I don’t want life without it,
without the dream in the arms of immense distance,
where the one is killed and resurrected again, I don’t want!
There are so many birds around that forgive me
for what they have seen in all their flights.
I am the only written song
in your language
that all corners of the earth
will be shocked of it!
There is still night and you want to listen to a song
on autumn by Jim Hendrix.
I am not sure if the electric guitar can issue
such nice sounds from the death long drowsiness
I am bored with such uniform prayers lethargy
on a God who is denied understanding of many languages!
The Goddess Maat has an immense patience
that makes me doubtful on her scarf tied eyes.
Was her sword stained?
by the unfelt weight of the black scale?
Translated by Kujtim Morina

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