Soul / Poem by Gita Mohanty

Poem by Gita Mohanty
I don’t know what soul means,
But that is something, I’m keen,
Which can never be seen,
Something above and beyond,
That elemental composition norm,
It’s something, witnesses all,
Nothing can witness the soul,
Except Him after all,
It experiences elemental compositions, being in them
But can’t be experienced by any of the sense,
It just needs a base,
Where it lives absolutely unattended,
And selfless,
Staying or leaving, as per it’s own pace,
It’s just like a moody guest,
May be it’s just like part of a process,
Somewhat like a viral genome,
Like busy doing genetic transform,
Just need any suitable host body, to perform,
When it resides within the elemental composition,
It’s my soul, your soul, his soul and her soul,
Sounds so vague after all,
It doesn’t belong to anyone at all,
If It would be of anyones,
it would have not leave them to fall,
Eternally and permanently, they would have possessed soul,
When I say my soul, it’s just a relative truth,
May be I don’t have the knowledge beyond,
To explore souls absolute truth form,
I was, I’m and I will be moving,
From beginning to end, and again a new beginning
From one to another soul,
Searching for that truth,
being in my assigned role.

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