Poems by Matthew Pollock

Poems by Matthew Pollock


Circular Bandaids

Like little needles, pricking your skin
Covering each hole, while dying within
Covering up truth, with our blotchy lies
Circular bandaids, covering our cries

Fake to non-fiction, a whisper spread
Our sheep motives, hurting my head
Solution skin deep, penetration flaws
Circular bandaids, for political cause

Popping our pills, the pharmacy bank
Medals for potions, criminals to thank
Zombie depression, cure to zone out
Circular bandaids, now trying to shout

The instant rewards, all given for free
Oppression system, can you not see?
Adding more rules, while fixing none
Circular bandaids, we tear off as one.


My Silence

Sensing the end, butterflies stumble
Timeline paused, thoughts a mumble
Emotion memories, dancing with you
My own silence, rest so well overdue

Heart shaped candy, small paper bag
Little toy aeroplane, nowhere to land
Life’s future echoes, put into rewind
My weird silence, that is hard to find

Innocent children, teenagers who dare
Responsible citizens, paying their fare
Elderly patience, final string of a bow
My deafening silence, now time to go

Immortal dreams, wrinkled poor heart
My ashes to scatter, back to the start
Roses for funerals, wedding bells stop
My lonely silence, the soul you forgot.


Pieces Of Us

Fragment of moments, at a specific time
Joined gently together, that daily rhyme
Chance encounters only, imprint to bind
Pieces of us, engrain in memories mind

Childhood dreaming, playing in the dirt
Scratches of knees, pain that didn’t hurt
Exams with no grade, learning just to sell
Pieces of us, that we remember so well

Souls just for bread, the corporate start
Recognition ignorant, hidden in the art
Power of silence, in a damaged proud
Pieces of us, that we leave in a crowd

Dots join together, form timeline shade
Some was earned, moments that fade
People created parts, one single being
Pieces of us, that history will be seeing

@ Matthew Pollock

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