Poem by Ewelina Maria Bugajska-Javorka

Poems by Ewelina Maria Bugajska-Javorka


Faith In Tomorrow

There are such moments in life,
As everything around shrinks like a trampled flower,
When you feel the whole world is becoming your foe,
And you are in the middle of a storm,
And every single drop of ocean pierces your flesh.
You want to run away but you don’t know where,
Yet my Heart, listen to me intently,
Each curve of lightening has its beginning and its end,
All evils are to disappear in the air.
I walk with you giving you faith in tomorrow,
I wipe the sweat of sorrows from your face.
So, my Heart, listen to me intently,
After each dark night, there emerges a wonaderful day with seven coloured light.

2019©® Ewelina Maria


A Flame Of Passion

Flame of shared desire
It soaks deep into the veins
It warms up solidified blood
It leads us to purple of waves
Swaying triggers quake
Yet fire pulsates within
The night is mixed with the day
We are dying to be born again.

2019©® Ewelina Maria


We Never Know

We never know how much time is given to us
How many evenings and mornings shall bless our time
How many nights of peace and silence shall envelope us
Or how many more of sun rays shall warm our hearts
How many more times our feet shall touch the ground
How many more times we shall behold beloved’s smile
We never know
How much more life will pulsate into us
Before we will go to the other side.

2019 ©® Ewelina Maria

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