TO ALL CHILDREN! / Poem by Ashok Kumar

Poem by Ashok Kumar



O dear friends !
Wonderful boon of sweet Lord
Grow ,grow up for my motherland
Glow before patience is faded

Love is your goal
Education is your real weapon
Zeal and jesture is your passion
Truth is your beautiful sun

Although Time is tough ,go ahead
Don’t worry ,Ask me for your help
I reap the harvest of perfection
Colours of amazing life

You’re not cowards
Your path isn’t blocked
I trust in you ,touch the sky
Look there birds fly

As you know ,I’ve lost myself in your service This is the best way I feel
What I learnt from my experiences,
taught you whole heartedly

My faith in you will not go waste
I prepared you for living in a wonderful world ,”The Infinite truth .”
Feel free in yourself in your precious pearls

Let’s come together stay in the stability of progress and prosperity
Let’s break all narrow walls between us
Let’s stand in the light

Let’s strengthen our mystic mind
Let’s stand on our strong feet
My mystic soul sings of your love

INDIA 14-11-2019


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