Poems by Lomas Kumar Bhatt

Poems by Lomas Kumar Bhatt


The Eyes of Heaven:

At the edge on universal horizon,
Souls sitting on self tombstone,
With the flame of desires,
To jump within & outside,
The dimension unknown,
In the posture of attainments,
Far beyond the journey of salvation,
Become a part of nature,
With divine’s grace & blessings,
For universal love & peace,
Now they all arrived,
Wondering on Mother-earth,
In forms of Sage,
Since time immemorial,
As invisible phenomena,
On nature’s arena,
They acts as curative waves,
All around in Mother-earth,
Though they all,
Now lost their senses,
In the foothills of Mountain-high,
Souls went into deep slumber,
I’m quite worry about them,
Still I’m waiting them,
In Heavenly-crematory,
But today I’m surprised,
One beautiful star light,
Hit the cave in Mountain-high,
And burnt their’s all existence,
They all are coming hear,
Dancing desperately on the way,
Suddenly she arrived with,
Nectar of the Third Eyes of Heaven,
Offering them all,
At mid of crematory,
Now the all forms in body,
Praying the Princess of Heaven,
And return back to Mother-earth,
With dancing all the way,
Before departures from crematory,
They gave me,
A white bud in my palm,
I unable to understand,
The beautiful gifts of unfurled flower,
Sudden she picked-up from my hand,
And fixed on Her hair,
White bud turn red and blossom,
She smiled,
Smiled to see my face,
And moved towards the Heaven,
After few steps,
She stopped,
Turn back with blushing cheek,
Smiled heavenly,
Again moved towards the Heaven,
With smile,
Secrets hold!

Lomas Kumar Bhatt .
All Rights Reserved.



My spirit burns step by step,
Will’t live with last-light,
Perhaps in holy-sleep,
Gone itself,
But what lovely it’s light!

Life as well thy adore,
Makes all strange,
On the top of the hill,
In the passion of the climate,
Wave of life as chant of thy ocean!

So sweet,
Let me try to lost get-lost,
Fortune further so nice fortune,
All that’s grandeur so sweet gloss,
Charged-with heaven too!

Heavenly snake twists all around,
Makes bluread my dream,
Neither sweet nor so bad,
Oh; Cheek all art thee pleasure!

I saw thine shadow,
Now dive in to deep,
Dreame’d in past,
Now morn to night,
With sooth & sad!

Decades before,
In one silent moon’s light,
My candle burnt,
Oh; Yes,
I burnt at Both-ends!

Lomas Kumar Bhatt
All Rights Reserved.

atingere de viaţă / Irina Lucia Mihalca

Irina Lucia Mihalca
atingere de viaţă
aici e o cheie.
atingere de viaţă ţi-am fost.
multe ţi-am revelat. multe ţi-ai amintit.
să ne privim moartea în faţă!
ştii că nu există momente obişnuite.
că nu moartea e tristă.
mai trist e că oamenii
nu se mai apropie.
un luptător nu renunţă la ceea ce iubeşte.
găseşte iubirea în tot ceea ce face.
trăieşte cu adevărat. fii viu.

Winds May Tell A Different Story / Poem by Aneeta Chitale

Poem by Aneeta Chitale


Winds May Tell A Different Story

Winds may tell a different story, of far off places and
Rustic charm !
The painted skies and
Green farms
Apple gardens and
Carts full of mirth !

So serene,
So bountiful, lovely barns n
Green farms
Carts full of sunny stock,
Mother ‘s care !

Lovely Lady,
Walks ….with her bullock cart
Yonder with her children ‘s twiter
Painted skies and
Green farms !

Winds may tell a different story
Of bygone past
Of old glory
Whilest it’s
Gone !

I wonder ….
Rustic charm !

(Copy Right Aneeta Chitale)

Lazër Gusho (1899-1987) është shembulli i krijuesit modern shqiptar, që i thurri himne dashurisë! / Nga: Flori Bruqi

Lazër Gusho (1899-1987) është shembulli i krijuesit modern shqiptar, që i thurri himne dashurisë! https://floripress.blogspot.com/2019/11/lazer-gusho-1899-1987eshte-shembulli-i.html?fbclid=IwAR3abg9maBGxfkZ0LDMdgHgoCbZuL_PI1P4BQWsQINqp-hnDIfsecmh6ioM Lasgush Poradeci (Lazër Gusho) , lindi në qytetin e Pogradecit, buzë liqenit të Ohrit, në familjen e Sotir Gushos, me 27 dhjetor 1899. I ati … Continue reading

Splintered Souls! / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
Splintered Souls!
Often when I see the satin folds of a swishing garment
Clinging seductively on a chiseled frame
Brows plucked to an inquiring perfection
Lips pouting in suggestive bows
Sheen of hair cascading in streams
Feet poised in classic heels
The perfection haunts me all night through
For I know the shattered shards of the splintered soul
Gathering its tatters in bundles of threads
Skeins of silk ripped apart
Souls in distress wandering alone
Caged in bodies toned and polished
Facades of gilt, gloss and glow
Enshrouding spirits dead and gone
Copyright Lily Swarn 12.11.2017

Leonard Dabydeen’s Haiku: Eager Waiting for the Communion with the Infinite by Manab Manik

Leonard Dabydeen’s Haiku: Eager Waiting for the Communion with the Infinite by Manab Manik
Haiku, one of the briefest poems, contains 17 syllables, arranged in three lines. Through the employment of minimum words maximum information is given. This short poem reminds us of the speech of Polonius in Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ — “…brevity is the soul of wit”. It’s a form of poetic enlightenment. The poet Leonard Dabydeen captures a particular moment through nature-images. The falling of the snowflakes is a common natural phenomenon. It brings a note of hopelessness and despair. People are hardly seen outside. This atmosphere reminds us of Keats’ poem ‘The Poetry of Earth’ where Keats mentions “When the frost has wrought a silence” and Hardy’s ‘The Darkling Thrush’ in the beginning of which the poet describes a wintry landscape full of despair. The falling of snowflakes also finds an echo in Frost’s ‘Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening’ in which Frost talks about ‘downy flake’. The commoners may stay indoor but the bards like Hardy’s bird thrush find ray of hope e’en in apparent gloom. The last line ‘thinking of Christmas’ brings a note of hope and joy — a festive mood for which everybody has been eagerly waiting. The poet journeys from despair to hope. The wintry landscape may also be suggestive of the poet’s own life that has reached the winter season but in his winter season of life he still finds ray of hope — a ray that will enlighten his soul. The very thought of Christmas may also be the eager waiting of the poet for holy communion with the Infinite through renewal of life. The apparent gloom of old age that the first two lines create will be eliminated in the end. Thus this haiku is deceptively simple like Frost’s poems. It’s less literary and leads us to deep philosophical musings. The poem being haiku, the poet makes us realize our wintry life and meditation that finds union with the Infinite as evident in the end. Like Sunil Sharma’s poem ‘The Old Man’s Sea’ and Tagore’s verses in ‘Song Offerings’ this haiku leads us to think of the communion with the Infinite in the wintry season of life. The ‘November skyline’ is also less literary. The month symbolically suggests the afternoon of life and the ‘skyline’ indicates the line between life and death metaphorically.
Manab Manik
Manab Manik is a bilingual poet and short story writer, translator and reviewer whose poems and stories have been published in India, Australia, Canada, USA, Belgium both online and print. His poetry books ‘Dreams Shattered and Other Poems’ and ‘My Poetic Offering’ published in 2019 have got great critical responses in India and beyond. His stories like Wilde’s and Tagore’s draw tears of the readers. Recently Manab is teaching English literature at Mugbasan Hakkania High School about 70 miles away from Kolkata in India.