Poems by Hector Genotype

Poems by Hector Genotype



In the vein of insane
In the desolate scene
Misgivings, was I meant for heaven’s light?

No features as repugnant as mine
Was I preordained during the sizzling days?
Whilst leniency gone the furnish that mould
Be my maw

Roving all unaided in their striking lane
Surveillance how goes the ordinary men
Wish I could be, one day in their skin

What a day!
How I dare!!
Just to be one day out of here!!!


Tell in tongues

Whereas you unsoiled your thoughts
Since dirt,
With flirt
Furthermore sweep the middle you
Amid the Holy dew

“” the urge to tell in tongues keeps hankering!

He who verbalize in nameless tongues,
What he converse he don’t appreciate
Bar the Holy speak translate
to our understanding,
And we are no longer blinding.


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