Poems by Ewelina Maria Bugajska-Javorka

Poems by Ewelina Maria Bugajska-Javorka


The Shared Parts

The sky has parted,

And the stars of hope have begun to fall,

And like matter composed of atoms,

Faith has taken form and features,

The black hole has connected two universes,

Though they lie far apart,

Yet they have become the shared parts of paradise.


A Torment

Abandoned, rejected,
so simply unwanted thought,
It changes its course unhurriedly and reverts
Like a raindrop soaks into the soil,
and takes root into the heart.
It becomes fodder for the suffering and pain stricken fellows,
And a torment for the body and mind.


Buried Together, Alone Forever

It was not deemed to be like this
Not deemed such a reek
To be smelt in our times
Today instead of produce of nectar
We drink the salty tears
Today the bones of our Holy Covenant
Are abandonded on the battlefields
They have lost all signs of existence
And have succumbed to infinite fatuousness
In iron of hypocrisy
Thought they are chained
Killed and buried together
Yet they are alone forever.

© Ewelina Maria Bugajska-Javorka


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