Poems by Miradije Ramiqi / Translated in English by Fadil Bajraj

Poems by Miradije Ramiqi
An Evening Act, no.1.
I undressed you at the studio
You were standing in front of me
As an ancient statue
I gave the soul
I turned your body into coal
What a heavenly resemblance
I patched your smile
In the same coaly shape
I woke up slowly
An evening act
Stepped into my bed
You became a coal
The Final of an Evening Act
I felt all this your profane
You’ve changed it an act of sacrifice
Take your face
And dress this skeleton of coal
In this Hour of Anatomy
I covered you with topcoat
Not to get cold from this frost
Turn this coal into a smile
I am with you
Everything disappeared, dear
In this Evening Act
Will you recognize me
Let it Rain
You’ll get nothing
Except that once you had
Nor those empty frame
I hanged my soles into the brush
I walked three palms more
I closed into my smile
There I found you,my slave
However,we were together on this road
It’s a miracle:We reached the studio
Now they can expel us from here
In any world exhibition
Let there be taught the anatomy of model
And let it rain,maestro
Translated in English by Fadil Bajraj

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