Poems by Hector Genotype

Poems by Hector Genotype


When a poet is in love

When a poet is in love , he leads to a place
Where devil
And her evil
Where there’s nothing but of peace

A place where everything are of the same equals
And overwhelmingly perfect

A place where we slide along the gassy lakes near the equator of Samadan
A place of nothingness,
A place of mundane brightness
And absolute dust

For flesh is to lust
What are we made of , if not dust ?

A place !
Where we shall reside,
My warmest thought
And selfless might

Nightly , we will be lost
Mighty are the sting of lust
In the armies of men’s.

That’s a place we belong
Either short or long,
We will roll and moan
When flesh fleshy fleshed

This is a place of ecstasies
If we believed in metaphysics

A place !
To harvest our chiefly lust
For marriages
Are blessings
From above
Descended in the likeness of a dove

This place watery wet
The acres into peaceful wept
For my woman is now wet
Waiting on a legless bed
Teat and bread
Is your breast!

Then aloof bespeaks
Enough we speak,
Silly we run up and down the grassy sea
Just to see
As sex

Don’t see
As sex
For this
Is a poetic sex.


Euphoric display

To move or leap lightly,
And rapidly…
Is this art we studied badly
Goes the sequence of a rhythmic steps

Is for intense pleasure!
In form of social interaction
” Onyiga ewu-ewu o!!
M ti gi, ga-etikwara !! ”

It is characterised by sampled beats
Repetitive rhythms
Garnished with a few lyrics,
Uncountable, are those lashes
That settled on our bodies

He holds the whips on the rest of his dester
And clumsy falls on the unfortunate sinister
He’s the master
Yet we are brothers

The whips are blissful,
The lashes are delirious,
The falls are elected
On a euphoric

But , when homes are called,
We zonked,
But our
Are messed…
Yet we are made of men
Ohafia land is blessed.

Hector Genotype
All Rights

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