Poems by Wisdom Isah

Poems by Wisdom Isah


Melt into my breath

Your body caressing mine,
Sweet and delicious,
are like milks broadly clenching the leaves of honey,
Rich and blossoming,
cresting in my cushion beauty of kisses,
Lively crisps of starlight.

Melt into my breath,
Your heaven killing my hell softly with passion,
Your joy easing the pain,
and righteousness redeeming my sins..


Another day

‘Life is beautiful’ the droplets from the lips of the rain,
said, as its drizzle leniently ripples the gravity that accompany the little awe which sits in between the chin of the glossy rain.

The cheerful frangipani dances rhythmically to the music from the mellow winds,

that breeze that tells about the goodness, peacefulness, joyfulness,
which exist in the fondness of the moment,
and cherishes the grace of gratefulness.

And in the desert of darkness,
the Sun of another day happily writes a ballad to the pallid firmament,
and hope do dream again,
Live in the essence of the presence,
and enjoyed the effulgence of another gleam…


Written on the Wall…

Anguish clasps with the fist of fear,
burnt agony lays roses full of portentous thorn,
at the tomb of the innocent hope
which light is locked by lies of darkness.

Sorrow brighten the lumps,
daisy leaps with shattered feet,

The deeper fights the deep,
and pollute their rain from falling,
Corruption has eaten the sunshine,
the sky is taken away from the birds,
the winds breathless!
the trees slept on the beds of heaven,
and woke up in the bosom of death.

Greed dances all around pages of their thoughts,
and hatred fumigates their shadow from seeing the pain written on the wall.

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