Han Sung REA ( South Korea – 한성례(韓成禮)

Han Sung REA ( South Korea – 한성례(韓成禮)
Born in 1955 Korea. Poet, Translator(Japanese-Korean). Adjunct professor.
She majored in Japanese language and Japanese literature at Sejong University and earned her master’s degree in Japanese studies at Sejong University’s Graduate School of Policy Science.
Her works have earned her the Newcomer Award of <Poem and Consciousness>, Korea’s the Heonanseolheon Literature Award and Japan’s Sitosozo Award.
Book of Poetry 『The Beauty in a Laboratory』, 『Smiling flowers』in Korean, 『The Sky in the Yellowish Red Korean Skirt』, 『Drama of the Light』in Japanese. Historical essay 『The Formation of the Ancient Nation in Japan and Japanese oldest anthology Manyo-shu』 and so on.
Her poems express Korean tradition, life and death, sadness, pain and anguish in surrealism, modernism and avant-garde forms
She translated many Japanese literary works into Korean and many Korean literary works into Japanese. This work includes more than 200 volumes, for example, poems, novels, essays, poem anthologies, books for children, humanity books, self enlightenment books and scientific books. In particular, she translated many poems and Book of Poetry between Korea and Japan.In particular, she translated many poems and Book of Poetry between Korea and Japan.
Korean textbooks used in Korean high schools contain several translations of her for educational purposes.
She has translated and introduced Korean and Japanese poems in literary magazines between the two countries since 1990.
She is an adjunct professor at Sejong Cyber University now.
E-mail : hansungrea@naver.com
Pair-Bond Snakes
They are devouring each other’s tails
Sun goes down a little
It is the time that a brain stem moves reversely
They eat each other’s body from the tails slowly
By a sense left on the bottom of the instinct
With the latch of the unconscious unlocked
As if they get mesmerized by each other
They grow short at the same rate
The loop become stronger while they become shorter
They gobble symbols, notions, and satiety
Two pair of snakes get shorter and shorter infinitely
To be rounded out
Sucking each other’s scarlet blood
They are completed as a great circle
Two pair of snakes that are taking each other’s body eternally
Red sun
Falls into the sea this moment
Hometown Well
To accumulate blood, women’s bodies suffer an ache
Earth makes underground water circulated through its whole body
And wombs are always burning
By the fever of blood opening its own ways to gather
Once a month, for replacing water
Women gather around the well
And in the middle of rice field of my hometown
That is afraid to be focused by many eyes
There is the well of my childhood
That has a wide open hole towards the sky
Women are pumping up water
To let their heated body cool
Sin that everybody has kept in the secret at least one
The hotness that blazed up in mind helplessly
Cold water that soaks to the bone even in the middle of summer
Hometown well where we pumped water up with a gourd
Around the well
The existences who commit crimes at the previous life
Crawly gather together
And all of them are hanging or are standing on their hands
As a shape of small stringy snakes, a huge serpents and vipers
The well side where they cooled off their body at the former life
They show up there following their blissful crimes,
Even unavoidable due to their moistened bodies
A husband who was affected by leprosy and went away to the island
A baby whose father was her husband’s brother
A woman who threw her baby into the well
A young widow with
A father of her husband who had lived alone since he was young
A moistened woman, women
The well side in my memory
Is overflowing with thousands rumors even in my dreams
The planet conceiving a few lies
Is the devil a man who deceive someone
With a little bit of truth that a great untruth combined
A word that is born a moment ago is lighter than a dandelion
A word that is buried waits her own resurrection on the wind path
A word that is missing threw herself a long ago
The spring has come like investigating something, but it is not the real one.
A noon that sun is blazing like midsummer
Full bloom of roses take season’s false pulse
As they conceive a smell of death
In the heart of the planet
Swirling frenzied blood that is gang-raped, comes across straits
The womb of the planet
We don’t need any sonogram
A chunk labeled as an embryo
And a boundary of water
From fish, amphibian, reptile to mammal
That evolutionary seal
That false package of gene
Today, a gunfire bursts somewhere on the planet again
I can hear the heartbeat of the planet
An Embryo born today remembers the sound