A RAY OF SUNSHINE / Poem by Maria Miraglia

Poem by Maria Miraglia



A beach umbrella under the August sun
and a crowded shore
joyful voices of children
bathers who can’t hide
the uneasiness of the summer heat
slight the sound of the backwash
along the foreshore
and the two of us chatting
as always
without giving importance to words
sometimes without listening
to the end
so long our life together
that we suppose to understand
even before things are said

A ray of sunshine on your face
stops the flow of things
looking for some shade
you approach me
almost touch me
your face in front of mine
I look up to you and
seem to see you
for the first time
after long
I stare at your clear eyes
the features of your face
listen to your voice and
ancient emotions crop up

Merged into each other
we almost forgot our identities
and with them our turmoils
the desire to discover the other.
that ray of sunshine gave us back our past
illuminated our present

@ Maria Miraglia

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